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About PeoplesVoice

Peoples Voice is an online media platform run by a dynamic team who are focused on social issues that are not covered by mainstream media. We at PeoplesVoice recognise that lots of issues are not covered by mainstream media due to various reasons and hence we’ve decided to develop this platform to hear the unheard, unsung stories. PeoplesVoice is a platform where NGO’s Movement, Students, Activists can post news that are NOT covered by mainstream media and assist them in taking their stories to the world. This platform is a two way lane, we expect active participation and inputs from People at large. “We make sure YOUR ISSUES are heard”

Report News
PeoplesVoice is a platform to exclusively report news which focus on social causes which may involve you or your organisation.

Your Voice
PeoplesVoice will also assist in promoting your work in the form of publications, articles, columns, papers and books. Prime objective of these promotions should be, will be always in the interest of people.

Photos & Videos
You can send us photos or videos either about your story or you are reporting a story..


Campus Voice
Students are also welcome to express their views and highlight them to the world around. Students and Academicians can provide Reports, Papers, Books.

PeoplesVoice intends to provide a platform to empower your view and information. Over to you. So get started NOW