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Pastoralism: a minimalist and environmentally friendly way of living

June 12, 2019 - 11:05 am in Environment, Travelogue

“It is the first time in our lifetime that we have come to Gujarat, walking 280 kms from our village with our livestock”, says Virambhai from Khengarpur village in the Lakhpat Tehsil of Kutch district in Gujarat. He has migrated to Maliya block in Morbi…

In Conversation with Amar Lal Ram

August 31, 2016 - 1:48 pm in Society, Travelogue, Video

Vidya Bhushan Rawat, a Radical Humanist, political analyst and human rights activist based in Delhi, speaks to Amar Lal Ram, Nepal Amar Lal ram is a Dalit…

Regional Passport Office, Mumbai to hold ‘passport camp’ in Daman on Saturday

October 17, 2014 - 9:44 am in Travelogue

The Regional Passport Office, Mumbai is holding a ‘passport camp’ in Daman on Saturday, October 18, to facilitate issue of passports. The camp will…