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Are Liberal parties dumping Muslims? | Mukhtar Ahmad

Peoples Voice on March 20, 2018 - 10:05 pm in Elections

Mukhtar Ahmad
Former Professor -Electrical Engineering, AMU Aligarh

The recent statement made by Sonia Gandhi that congress is suffering because it is projected as Muslim favouring party, and this image must be corrected is very unfortunate.. In last few elections the role of Muslims has been minimal and their votes have become irrelevant. Most of the political parties are only treat them as bonded labour because they have no option and must vote against BJP. It is in this background the statement by a leader of  such an old secular party  Sonia Gandhi has really hurt the sentiments of Muslims . The defeat of congress party in 2014   was mainly on failures of UPA II government who was not able to control the scams..In 5 years of UPA II the congress party was not able to counter the propaganda machine of BJP which also included the tag of Muslim  supporter  party.   But second main reason is political;  as  it now feels that  majority of Muslims are not voting for her party in states like UP, Bihar and Bengal where they are considerable in number. It therefore, has to keep itself politically neutral not uttering a single statement which can be used by BJP to polarize the voters.

However, Muslims to some extent  are also responsible for this condition. For last few elections they have simply voted for candidates who can defeat  BJP   This has made their vote irrelevant because  the parties think the Muslims will vote for them when they are in better  position from other non BJP parties. Recent incidents of lynching along with general environment of hatred felt by Muslims from trains to colleges and universities has  shaken them to core. They have never felt so much hatred in public place in last 65 years. The despair of Muslims is so complete that many sincere Muslim leaders are suggesting Muslims to move out of election politics .They think that BJP gets strength by polarising Hindus against Muslims by using Muslims as  enemy.. They think that if Muslims will not be participating in election BJP will have to fight only Hindus and will not be able to polarise  on Hindu Muslim line. This move is apart of from being impractical will be suicidal. Because then BJP will be able to openly say that we have terrorised Muslims so much that they are not able to vote. In case you do not vote for BJP they will again become  active in politics and harm you. It is well known fact that Muslims do not consist of monolithic block. Also they do not follow any leader in deciding their  vote nor will heed to advice of leaders  not to participate in elections The reason is not difficult to trace. There is no leader among Muslims who has even support at state level what to talk of National level. But this will be used by BJP for propaganda purpose..  I am sure the congress will soon realise its mistake a of trying to copy BJP for a copy can never be better than original.  Surely the Congress party has to concentrate only on attacking BJP for its failure in governance , false promises and its communal agenda in that order.


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