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Global Support for Bhima Koregaon

Peoples Voice on January 19, 2018 - 8:40 pm in Faiths

Why this global support to BK200

Dear Ambedkarites, and Bahujan Rights Defenders,

This letter is to inform and invite you to participate in the democratic and peaceful March against Bhima-Koregoan violence, Pune, Maharashtra of January 1, 2018; and other violence’s and atrocities on Dalits/Bahujans (SCs, STs, OBCs, and Minorities) in India as per the schedule below:

When:  Friday January 19, 2018   1:30 pm

From: Sherbourne Subway Station

To: Consulate General of India, 365 Bloor St E #700, Toronto, ON M4W 3L4

“It is your claim to equality which hurts them. They want to maintain the status quo. If you continue to accept your lowly status ungrudgingly, continue to remain dirty, filthy, backward, ignorant, poor, and disunited, they will allow you to live in peace. The moment you start to raise your level, the conflict starts. Untouchability is not transitory or temporary feature; it is eternal, it is lasting. Frankly it can be said that the struggle between the Hindus and the Untouchables is a never-ending conflict. It is eternal because the religion which assigns you the lowest status in the society is itself divine and eternal according to the belief of the so called high caste Hindus. No change warranted by change of time and circumstances is possible.” …. Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar

A memorandum from the Bahujan organizations of the Greater Toronto Area will be handed over/ submitted to the Consul General (CG) for sending to the Chief Justice, the President, the Prime Minister of India; the Chairman, SC Commission; the Chairman, ST Commission; the Chairman, Human Rights Commission; the Governor, and the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, and others.

Three faces of Brahminic forces are said to be the main conspirators for the violence-  Sambhaji Bhide, a Maratha of Shiv Prathisthan, Sangli, and a Sangh Pracharak up to 1984; Milind Ekbote, BJP’s ex-corporator, organizer Hindu Ekta Morcha, fought assembly ticket on Shiv Sena, had 12 criminal cases of violence and threatening on him, and court proved him accused in 5 cases; and Anand Dave. In inspite of filing an FIR against Bhide and Ekbote on December 29, no action has been taken against them. Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal, Durga Vahini, Ram Sena, Karni Sena … etc. are 100 organizations/ offshoots/ branches of RSS which work on the direction of the BJP and the Congress.   They are promoting hatred and violence on caste lines. They want to create conflict and spoil the relations of Maratha and Dalits who have been working together. The 15 % Sawarn Hindus (including 2.5-3 % Brahmans) are in minority, and 85 % Bahujans are in majority. The Brahminic forces keep the Bahujans divided and don’t allow them to unite for their political motive to rule the country.

The slaves of Greece, Rome and America were in chains, their chains are broken, and no mark of chains, have become free. Bahujans apparently have no chains, but the bonds of slavery are so strong so that they are not free even after 2500 years in India. Laws have been reduced to mere paper tigers due to the nexus of judiciary, police, bureaucracy, and the politicians against Bahujans (SCs, STs, OBCs, and Minorities).

Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar had been celebrating this event since January 1, 1927. To celebrate Bhima Koregoan victory over the Peshwas, the Bahujans are promoting the history and fighting against the monster of casteism. Generally, every year 3 lakhs to 4 lakhs Bahujans gather. To mark 200th Anniversary 8 to 10 lakhs people were expected to join the event from all over the world.

Stones had been stockpiled, and the locations shortlisted as target areas. The attackers had saffron flags. The village market was kept closed on this day, and necessary and sufficient arrangement were not made by the government. Forty vehicles were destroyed/burnt. Bahujan men and women carrying flags with ‘Jai Bheem’ were beaten by the mob carrying the RSS saffron flags, and windows of the vehicles were broken in presence of the police.

These forces incited violence by desecrating the tomb of Govind Ghopade Gaikwad, a Mahar wrestler in the nearby village, who carried out the final rites of Shivaji’s son Sambhaji.   Sambhaji’s tomb is still there in Maharwada, a Dalit locality. There is no enmity in the village. Outsiders with saffron flags were involved in the violence. The village bazaar was kept closed on January 1, 2018 by the village authorities, inspite of the 200th Anniversary Event. It created inconvenience to the people attending the event because there was no sufficient arrangement for so many people by the police or collector’s office.  Bhartiya Brahman Mahasangh appealed to the police not to allow to unite Dalits and Marathas.

Government of India had the 200th Anniversary Celebration a day before on December 31, 2018. The police Commissioner of Pune, and the administration were knowing the facts. It seems that the government want to malign this day of Bahujan Gaurav Diwas.

 A casteist mindset is still a reality and the pride of Dalits/Bahujans hurts others to such an extent it results in violence. Bahujans must keep continuous and evolutionary social movement, be aware of democratic rights and with economic empowerment, and digital revolution. The pace of Dalit renaissance has increased. They must use alternate/social media, and oppose vehemently any grievous atrocity.

“It is disgraceful to live at the cost of one’s self-respect. Self-respect is the most vital factor in life. Without it, man is a cipher. To live worthily with self –respect, one must overcome difficulties. It is out of hard and ceaseless struggle alone that one derives strength, confidence and recognition” . ………. Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar

Millions of salutes to those Bahujan heroes who sacrificed their lives in Bhima Koregoan for the emancipation of Bahujans from the shackles of Brahmanism.

You are, therefore, requested to join the protest march in large numbers with black arm bands and banners as per the schedule mentioned above for liberty, equality, fraternity, social justice, and rule of law, please.

We think all of us are now set for protest against RSS mischief aptly staring from London tomorrow (Indian High Commission, London, 12 Jan’ at 1 pm) through the weekend to cover whole of North America covering right thinking people from – Toronto, Boston, NY, NJ, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, California / Bay Area, Sacramento, Seattle, Surrey/ Vancouver, Edmonton, Detroit, Chicago plus, Germany / Hannover, Japan / Tokyo and Sydney in Australia. In Middle East protests are not allowed although we have a large presence to protest RSS. Please add if any cities that are joining or missed. Amazing work by self-driven, service oriented, selfless individuals and team working for a just cause -in spite of our own daily survival rigmaroles in these foreign countries- that our next generation can live in peace without RSS on the face of this beautiful earth. Jai Bhim!

London 1st one (Indian High Commission, London, 12 Jan’ at 1 pm)

London- Protest in front of Indian embassy in UK by Ambedkarite students on Friday when the offices working – hats-off to #UKForBhimaKoregaon standing to oppose the Brahmanical forces and New Peshwai in India. Our struggle is for human dignity, our dignity to fight for. London leads the world-wide protest against caste violence. Jai Bhim.

//Jaibhim friends, I am proud to share my speech with you at the #London protest condemning the attacks at #bhimakoregaon After a global call, other countries joined in and this weekend we all stand together to show our unity against the New Peshwai.  My favorite part of the speech was the sloganeering at the end. Jai Siddhanak Jai Bhim! Bhima Koregoan Jai Bhim! I think entire London heard us!  #uk4bhimakoregaon //

London 2nd one (Indian High Commission, London, 20th Jan’ at 1 pm)

London, UK – Bigger rally coming up on 20th Jan’ 2018 @1 pm – in support of Bhimakoregaon. There will be a Rally at Parliament Square at 1pm followed by a Peace March to High Commission of India, India House, Aldwych, London WC2B 4NA….
Public demonstration in protest of violence on Dalits at Bhima Koregoan, Pune, Maharashtra, India.
Protest Supported by –
Shri Guru Ravidass Mission International-Kanshi TV
All Ambedkarite and Buddhist Organizations in UK
All Guru Ravidass sabhas in UK
All Bhagwaan Valmik Sabhas in UK
BPS Supporters UK…
All progressives of UK

A public demonstration organized by Dr Ambedkar Memorial Committee of Great will be held on Saturday 20th January 2018 at Parliament Square, Westminster, London SW1P 3BD….

This will be a memorable gathering of the masses from across the UK and Europe in protest. We are expecting thousands of people to turn up….

Share with your social network and encourage everyone to join the demonstration…
Dr Ambedkar Memorial Committee of Great Britain

For further information Contact.
Mr Gurdial Chand ( President) 07961432771
Mr Raj Paul ( Gen.sect. )

Muscat, Oman

Ambedkar International Mission, Oman, sending a powerful message – through the most important families- to PM Narendra Modi throughout Indian counsel general in Oman. This is a great memorandum against the Hindutva mischief in Bhima Koregoan to Modi. We Ambedkarites at USA, send our Best wishes to all Ambedkarites, all over the world from USA to coming together to condemn Hindutva in India. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ambedkar-international-mission-Muscat-Oman/713310918776395


Boston, USA- happening now in support of BhimaKoregaon and demonstrations against RSS mischief. The most important thing is that even a small group of first generation Ambedkarites dispersed for a living in such large country- three times the size of Indian geography – managed to coordinate and come out. Very encouraging.
Jai Bhim!

NY, NJ, Philadelphia

Ambedkar International Mission (AIM) USA- NY, NJ & Penn groups protesting yesterday at the Liberty State Park, condemning RSS violence at Bhima Koregaon on peaceful visitors on the 2018 new year- to pay homage to the bravery of Mahar Regiment Soldiers – who sacrificed their lives 2 centuries ago -in order to regain and retain a basic right to be treated as a human being from monsterous Bramean Peshwa Raj. Pictures and video of the stunning Statue of Liberty, NY at the background.
Jai Bhim!


Atlanta, USA – in support of BhimaKoregaon and demonstrations against RSS mischief. The most important thing is that even a small group of first generation Ambedkarites dispersed for a living in such large country- three times the size of Indian geography – managed to coordinate and come out. Very encouraging.
Jai Bhim!

California / Bay Area

It’s so cool that Ambedkarites in Bay area, California – that is at the heart of Silicon Valley in San Jose protesting against the mischief of RSS in Bhimakoregaon. Later in association with Dr. ML Kings birthday team Cheran Subramanian of Ambedkar King Study Circle (AKSC) giving a speech on Dr.Ambedkar among American participants of Dr. Kings birth day gatherings- who has Association with yet another 40 organizations. It is indeed a scoop by Karthikeyan Shanmugam (AKSC) and all Ambedkarites exposing Gandhi and replacing Gandhi with Dr. Ambedkar as the right nation builder of India. So proud of this victory of Ambedkarites, in California especially the ones who have been exposing Gandhi for so long such as Velu Annamalai and Bhajan Singh of OFMI, California, and rest of us in USA.
Jai Bhim!


Seattle, USA – in support of BhimaKoregaon and demonstrations against RSS mischief. The most important thing is that even a small group of first generation Ambedkarites and right thinking dispersed for a living in such large country- three times the size of Indian geography – managed to coordinate and come out. Very encouraging.
Jai Bhim!

Surrey/ Vancouver

Some pics from the Surrey (Vancouver), Canada in support of BhimaKoregaon and demonstrations against RSS from Tonia Allen-our sister Ambedkarite in Vancouver area. Great momentum at a short notice in such an inclement weather. Ratan Paul and team had done a great job! Toronto is gearing up for next week!

Very neat. Amazing support to Bhima Koregaon from Surrey, near Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada West.


AmbedkarAssociation North America, Detroit group assembled in support of BhimaKoregaon, against RSS and Maharashtra govt brutality on Dalit youths numbering ten of thousands – at the Hartz Plaza – a busy car thoroughfare opposite to City Office’s and Canadian border at -40 degree F or -7%C freezing temperatures. Car passing at stops read our posters. We made rounds in the plaza and speeches explaining our concern on the RSS violence and the govt connivance in not arresting the criminals but arresting youths to spoil the Dalit student’s future. We walked to Rencenter- the General Motor Headquarters coffeeshop, had a meeting and again recorded speeches for the global media. We will send memorandum to respective Indian authorities as well to register our protest- although we know that the RSS govt is hand in glove in the whole sinister affair. There were Associates from Bangladesh and East Asia as well- where our recorded messages on the history of Bhima Koregaon and Braminical mischief will be exposed. More pictures as it comes! Jai Bhim.


Suthamalli Ganga

January 14 at 10:38pm ·

Ambedkarites in blistering Chicago – in front of Indian High commission in support of BhimaKoregaon and demonstrations against RSS .

Germany / Hannover

Sufi Hussain‘s postJanuary 13 at 12:11pm ·

Germany from Hanover. In solidarity with Bhima Koregoan victims. Long live Ambedkarism. Down with Hindutva fascism. Jai Bhim!

Japan / Tokyo and

Sydney in Australia

Canada, Toronto – Friday Jan’19, 2018   1:30 pm   – march against Bhima–Koregoan violence by Hindutva forces to consulate general of India, Toronto

When:  Friday January 19, 2018   1:30 pm  From: Sherbourne Subway Station To: Consulate General of India, 365 Bloor St E #700, Toronto, ON M4W 3L4

Organized by –

Convener -Confederation of Bahujan (Ambedkarite, Buddhist, Ravidassi, Valmiki, Backward, & Minorities) Organizations (CBO) of Greater Toronto Area, Canada, &

President -Dr Ambedkar International Mission (AIM) Canada (Registered), &

President-Bahujan Samaj Pardesh Canada, Toronto, &

President-Association of Indo- Canadian Bahujan Businessmen and Professionals, Toronto, Canada



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