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Crimes that society needs to discuss which media skipped

Peoples Voice on December 8, 2017 - 4:48 pm in Reforms
Vivek Sakpal

We are all now part of ‘Breaking News’ and ‘Viral News’ culture. This has been imposed on our mind set by media, politicians and the ruling clergy. We are aware, we as a society are victim of this propaganda, but still we indulge to consume that information and react to it, thereby fueling its growth. No attempt is made to control this propaganda.

A crime free society is a Utopian idea, but as a society we need to try and move towards achieving it. Giving it up to a ‘practical’ real world is surrendering to crime, and giving up reforms.

A global shift in media, due to technological development and TRP hunger, has been towards ‘Sensational News’. They are not to be fully blamed as we consumers of News also prefer sensation and emotion in news. Investigative Journalism is side-lined and/or skipped by the young journalist.

Recently, Government of India released its report on Crimes in India 2016. We shall try to find some areas where we as a society need to focus, while media is unleashing its weapon of propaganda. It is these areas which we are now taking as granted, and were once important reform topics. New terminologies are invented by media daily to keep the consumer hooked to the screen of their TV and Mobiles. Social Media also runs on the same impulse of sensationalising a topic rather than being critical and reformist.

 India, in 2016, has seen 30450 murders and 31496 were victims of murders. Uttar Pradesh with 4889 is at the top of the list. Bihar with 2581 cases comes second, and is usually associated with term ‘Jungle Raj’ by the media. This should have been used for Uttar Pradesh. Lakshadweep reports no murder, while Daman and Diu report 4.

A lot has been talked of Women empowerment, and feminism. Media loves these words, anchors, writers and speakers in the panel often use them as an when needed. What exactly would be women empowerment when in a nation there are total of 7628 victims of dowry death? Uttar Pradesh reported 2478 victims of dowry deaths in 2016. Bihar second to UP reported 987 dowry deaths. Yes we had a women CM in that state (UP), a women as President of Nation and a women who was PM, but the patriarchal mind-set combined with feudal thought process continues.

The media went crazy over Nirbhaya (2012), a young Delhi medical student who was kidnapped then gang raped and killed. This was surely a heinous crime. Did the same media bother to report 39068 rapes in India in 2016? Of these 2171 were victims of gang rape and most important 16 victims were of custodial rape. Media has been selective, so are we. Celebrities tweeted, politicians organised events, society loved candle marches. Where are we for the 39068 victims in 2016. The top four states are Uttar Pradesh 4816, Madhya Pradesh 4882, Maharashtra 4189, Rajasthan 3656 incidents of rape.

One law that needs to be challenged is sedition (Sec 124A IPC). Kanhaiya Kumar has become a celebrity thanks to this law. Till date many cartoonists, writers have been charged under this colonial act. The nationalism is defined by the ruling group and media is following it without questioning. Media loves their own evening prime time trials, and delivery justice based on SMS replies. One law that needs to be repealed is sedition law. In 2016, 35 cases were reported under this law. Delhi had 2, Harayana had 12, Uttar Pradesh 6, Kerala Karnataka 3 each, but Jammu & Kashmir had none. Same goes for North East states, they had none. Yet the media has highlighted people in J & K and NE as anti-national, pro Pakistani, wanting freedom from India.

Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (Regulation and Prevention of Misuse) Act, 1994 has 81 victims from Harayana, all India total being 93. While Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006 has all India total victims at 327 with Tamil Nadu leading at 55, followed by Karnataka at 51. Government of India initiative of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao needs to be more focused and impactful. We celebrated success of Miss Universe and women winning gold in sports, we need to also focus on these girls, and how society still looking towards girls.

The SC ST atrocities continue to happen, reservation which was supposed to bring social justice (not economic justice) seems to have not been able to live upto the mark. There were a total of 6217 victims under SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989. Karnataka topped with 1881, followed by Uttar Pradesh at 1066. Maharashtra known as land of reformist, Phule Shahu Ambedkar, reported 255 victims under this act. Guess for the media these people don’t exist and rarely find space until they find their ‘sensation’.

India is known globally as IT power house, we have a huge manpower in this domain. Crime also finds its way. A total of 8613 cases were reported under Information Technology Act. 2000 & IT (Amendment) Act, 2008). Surprisingly, Uttar Pradesh, with 2562, leads the tally. A state known for being poor, illiterate and under developed, leads crimes in IT.

While these are just some snapshots of the entire report, Crime in India 2016, media shall be busy discussing a movie which is not released due to some group demanding a ban on it, or find some old defence deal and blame the opposition on corruption… etc.

Its time we become alert citizens and focus where we need to address the issues. Society may not be crime free, but low crime is possible. A peaceful nation shall surely progress fast than a troubled nation.


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