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How would have Bhagat Singh reacted to the Gandhi’s assassination?

Peoples Voice on March 22, 2017 - 1:12 pm in Video

On 14th Feb 2017, many received WhatsApp messages informing that it is this day Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev were hanged, and we should observe this day in his memory. These days we receive many such messages on social media giving us information (Historical Facts) which we know but have forgotten in our day to day activities. We turn emotional and forward the same to people we know, without realising the truth that we have become a pawn in a larger conspiracy of rumour mongering. These rumours are in whose interest? Who are the people who initiated this and why?

A deeper pondering over these questions, we sensed, this is a larger game to kill the ideology of great leaders and visionaries and install a NEW INDIA ideology in the minds and heart of the youth.

Bhagat Singh, to many youths with whom we interacted, see him as a Young leader who justified violence and violent means, this to them is in contradiction with the ideology of Gandhi who championed Non-Violence or Ahimsa. To many these who great leaders and visionaries are poles apart, which may not be completely true.

In recent times, Bhagat Singh’s martyrdom day was shifted to 14th Feb, Gandhi has been reduced from Non-Violence to cleanliness or rather Swachhata. It is a difficult task to put these great leaders in a single frame and many of us are incompetent with knowledge and historic facts to visualise a scenario whereby had Bhagat Singh been alive, how would have he reacted to Gandhi’s assassination.

Many have attempted to bring Gandhi and Bhagat Singh in one frame, through a book or a conference etc. This attempt is purely imaginary and based on their ideological understanding than being emotional over it. This is not to hurt the followers but just to help them come out of hero worshiping and follow the ideology and not the person.

The Young India today, has seen movies like Rang de Basanti, and have been part of non-violent candlelight marches against injustice towards women, we do not want this spirit to die. The youth has right and power to protest and dissent in the world’s largest democracy. With TV Studios skipping vital issues of National interest and focusing on issues which hardly need cognizance, the people have been reduced to a robot which forwards information without verification and their own logical reasoning. It’s time, you rise, awaken your rationality and stand for the noble ‘Idea of India’ which our great leaders wanted. Long years ago.. is an attempt in the same direction.

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Vivek Sakpal


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