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Radicalisation or Stereotype

Peoples Voice on February 23, 2017 - 7:52 pm in Society

Sharique Iqbal

There is a recent trend of hypocrisy, non-liberal views, among the youth who get carried away by whatever is available on the internet, this new generation technically sound and dependent on the internet for at large extent as the source of knowledge and not books. All of them are confused and believe easily what is showed to them, thanks to photoshop, no social values and least understanding of history. The Internet is polluted with filth so to know an unbiased history we need to do a comparative study of topics

This gap between social understanding and technical knowledge is so high that it leads us to a greater problem of getting radicalized or stereotype, whih is easily done well presented and written with care along with photographs is believed to be true, this is a matter to worry about in coming times, So this trend has been widely accepted by all of us as a truth what is being displayed on the screen both are equally dangerous and I feel stereotyping is more dangerous than radicalisation of youth.

Radicalization, in general, refers to extreme ideologies with respect to Philosophy, Religion, or Politics. It generally develops a feeling of supremacy over others. A tool mainly used to brainwash people either for a religious or political benefit by inciting in them a feeling of danger to perish away and the only way out is to fight for it. Radicalization leads to violence in a longer run.

Present day what affects the society is religious radicalisation, A person can be Convinced about his identity in danger because of certain other groups by citing some fabricated, doctored news, a sense of insecurity, dangers of extinction. Political gain and power is the main motive behind this idea. Moreover one can be radicalised more by hatred for others, same as in case of jingoism

Stereotype refers to opinion based on lies for the purpose of creating an opinion in mass, this is dangerous as this gets settled in the unconscious mind of human, as we all have been, think of terrorist, religious head or, a criminal in United States you will see a bearded man with skull cap and guns in hand, a man old aged with a bright coloured clothes and a heavily built muscle man with Tattoos comes to our mind respectively. This is exactly what stereotyping is. It makes you ignore all the good around you and builds a mindset  of hate towards others.

The art to instil hatred in society can be very well done by these weapons. It is interesting how this works. A group of people try to convince you that your religion, caste, ethnicity, ideology, faith, sex is being oppressed or marginalized or hated, you need to defend them at your best. Now when you  are not convinced but even then 1 % of the crowd is convinced they will carry out acts like extremism killing bombing, now when this is done . The other section or people from your opposite religion, caste, ethnicity, ideology, faith, sex will be stereotyped saying people of the certain group do such things so now even if the evil is done by 1 % of that group you can call the whole group as an extremist terrorist or whatever name you can.

Radicalisation made 1% of the total group to do an evil act but Stereotyping made you believe that rest 99% of the group are also evil.

Before you form an opinion about other based on media or news channel or Facebook or Whatsapp as your source of information, please recheck confirm before believing this fancy memes and message, if you don’t want to waste time in doing the research and believing it better will be to ignore message as a wrong information can be hazardous in many ways .