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Bengaluru disgraces New Year 2017

Peoples Voice on January 9, 2017 - 7:59 am in Reforms

Adv. Masood Peshimam

The molestation, rape or any other similar offensive act is well rooted in the criminal mindset which prevails in every society or social setup notwithstanding other reasons. However, city like Mumbai is not largely witness to such devastating troublesome events. The crowded lanes and by-lanes of Mumbai are quite a deterrent to prevent the eruption of such hooligan acts. The huge population of the city is the deciding factor in giving no room to the commission of such crimes.

While huge population remains saviour of the people particularly girls or women the impact of the police in maintaining law & order can’t ignored.

The Mumbai Police is held in good esteem for its fight against the menace of crime particularly concerning females though the fact also remains of the certain section of the cops communally brainwashed and the Muslims are at the receiving end.

No less significant it is to note that ever increasing business interest in the city desires to see that the city avoids chaos and lawlessness. The corporate culture with its socio-economic leverage simultaneously cannot be reconciled with any crisis like situation as it’s hugely disadvantageous to its interest. Any fallout of the crisis like situation would fail flourish of the corporate culture.

The fairly developed cosmopolitan culture also enjoys extra elbow room in dealing with the scourge of lawlessness. The cosmopolitanism promotes liberal and secular fraternity out to cleanse the social mess irrespective of any consideration. The cosmopolitan culture with the catholicity of outlook gives lesser or no scope to the prejudice operating at different layers of decision and it’s not difficult to secure the justice with less or no prejudice. The securing of justice thus constitutes an impediment to the growth of crime. Justice is powerful enough to discourage the criminal tendencies.

While Mumbai played safe for the safety of women the Bengaluru city presented a different story on the eve of New Year. The New Year revelry turned into a nightmare for several women who were allegedly molested despite huge police presence.

Eyewitness accounts suggested that women were molested and groped and lewd remarks were passed by male miscreants late night on December 31 in posh area.

While women without any companion had to seek protection from women police personnel who were very few in number on the spot. Men who had come with female friends had a tough time protecting them. According to the eye witnesses the New Year’s night was supposed to be a fun and frolic but it was such a nightmare that it left the women scarred and psychologically wounded. It was a mass molestation on brigade road, Commercial Street and M.G. Road. It was a huge trauma for women by the frenzied mob with the incidents of hooliganism.

The incident drew a lot of uproar and condemnation.

The incident equally drew controversy with the statements of the Karnataka Home Minister and the SP leader Abu Asim Azami.

The Karnataka Home Minister blamed the western ways of the youngsters for molestation incidents such as one which took place on the New Year’s night in Bengaluru.

Abu Azmi also reacted to the Bengaluru incidents blaming the western culture. Obscenity is found to be the reason contributing to the occurrence of such criminal acts.

Karnataka Home Minister and Abu Azmi had their own explanations for the gory happenings. One may not agree with their views. However what looks odd is the approach of the Delhi Commission For Women [DCW] which has filed the police complaint against the Karnataka HOME Minister G. Parameshwara and Maharashtra MLA Azmi for their “misogynistic” statements on Bengaluru mass molestation incident and demanded an FIR to be lodged against them.

DCW instead should have focused on the dismal failure of the police in tackling the messy situation well in time and delay in filing the FIR against the alleged culprits.

In our country justice fails with the kid glove treatment to the criminals equipped with the social clout and political leverage. In the situation like Bengaluru only the objective treatment of the subject would raise the hope of the possible breakthrough in the course of investigation. Any amount of politicised investigation whether in Bengaluru or anywhere else is not expected to improve the situation. The politicised investigation would not prevent the repeat of Bengaluru incident.

As far as G. Parameshwara and Azmi are concerned it can well be said that they have not supported or justified the acts of hooliganism combined with molestation.

It is in the context true to say that notwithstanding the multiple reasons man is not to lose his cool and equilibrium and should have control over his instincts. He is not to go wild in satisfying his sexual urges and victimise the women.

Against this background the other side of the coin should also not to be lost sight of. The parading of the physical assets in vulgarity does attract the questionable intention. There is the difference of attention over the women wearing the dignified dress not necessarily Hijab or veil and the women flaunting their physical assets with the sense of nudity. The nudity or semi-nudity has the potential to inflame the passions. With the passions aroused the women get susceptible to exploitation. It is a paradox that nudity is exposed with the qualifying desire to see that it does not attract attention. A couplet mirrors the paradox

“Rat ke waqt mae pi li our subha ko toba karli

Rind ke rind rahe our hath se jannat bhi na gai”

[Consumed liquor at night and repented in the morning

Remained profligate or drunk and not lost the heaven equally]

The body exposure is not only deplored in our society but even in U.S. where despite its permissive culture it did not reconcile with the allegedly voluptuous behaviour of Trump or obscene photos of his wife. Trump was facing odds in the election. With the odds Trump had a damaging credibility in the election but Clinton’s campaign was plagued with the alleged funding of Islamic State and the skeletons to be tumbled out by the exposure of the Russian spy agencies so on and so forth thus facilitating the defeat of Clinton. No less trump card was the flexing of belligerent nationalism which has swayed the emotions in many countries in the world. The electoral battle between Trump and Clinton is not the topic of discussion at the moment but the reference is to the American resistance to vulgarity.

In our country there is law prohibiting obscenity. The section 294 of IPC says:-

Obscene acts and songs- whoever, to the annoyance of others

A] does any obscene act in any public place, or

B] sings, recites or utters any obscene song, ballad or words, in or near any public place,

Shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three months, or with fine or with both.

Hence there should not be delusion that obscenity is unlawful as well unethical.

Bollywood has proliferated a lot obscenity down the line to earn huge profit for hugely pumped money. Bollywood superstar Amir Khan has condemned the hooligan mass molestation in Bengaluru. But at the same time one is not to turn blind to the too much exposure of the body in Bollywood impacting the young minds. Amir Khan has chosen the films with the good subject and he is not to resort to vulgarity to ensure the success of his films. He has set an example to evoke response from the audience without much of sex stuff.

Lastly whatever may be reasons for provocation the molestation or rape cannot be justified by any stretch of imagination.

There is the section 354 applied for outraging the modesty of woman with criminal force or assault. The offence shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which shall not be less than one year but which may extended to five years, and also shall be liable to fine. The offence under this section is non-bailable. The law has the sufficient teeth to deal with the acts of molestation or outraging the modesty of woman.

Mr. Akbar Khan, social activist staying in Bail Bazar in Kalyan reacting to the incident said, “is daur ka sabse bada almia sharif our grib hona hai”.

[the biggest tragedy of this time is being poor, decent and good]

He further adds that fairness and poverty are reasons enough to invite all the disastrous allegation.

While there is an all round concern over the molestation or rape incidents the fact also should not be lost sight of the gross misuse of such allegations by the woman. A very gruesome incident at Ambernath in Thane district, Maharashtra is a case in point where an old man with the name of some Shaikh committed suicide over the allegations of his daughter in law of some rape or molestation.

Hence what is required is the honest implementation of law, proper investigation and the healthy environment to ensure that there is no repeat of the Bengaluru type of incidents.


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