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Harmony and Spirituality of Earth – A Critical Search

Peoples Voice on October 20, 2016 - 9:26 pm in Rights

Goldy M. George
Adivasi & Dalit right activist

All of us live in a world of guns and bombs, wars and battles, hunger and starvation, deaths and killings as well as disparity and discrimination. Justice and Peace is today almost next to impossible and virtually unreachable. In many cases it has completely disappeared from the lexicon itself. Today we find is a market of all sorts of deals.

There are various incidences around us to which one pays seldom attention, either out of sheer ignorance or due to one’s choice of not engaging with such aspects. Any responsive group of people as well as responsible inhabitants of earth cannot be dissociated with the problems of mankind, particularly when the life of earth itself is at stake.

This discussion attains relevance in the background of what governs the current means and modes of people’s social, political and cultural locales; how are they constructed or modified or a combination of both which in practice formulates the rationale of inter-people relationship as well as with the cosmos. This also creates more and more crisis for people on earth – the crisis of life; the crisis of disharmony; the crisis of livelihood; the crisis of sustainability and the very life of mother earth.

The past two decades have seen this crisis grow to unpredictable magnitude with the states adoption of the principle of elimination and annihilation of people and communities. Wars and conflicts, violence and aggression, enmity and hatred had become the buzzword of the states with an inflation of the defence and military budget. The political economy of war extends from amassment of weapons of mass destruction by the powerful states like US, UK, China, Russia, France and Germany at one end while on the other elimination of sovereign states like Afghanistan, Iraq and now Syria. As this trend threatens humanity with annihilation, it’s also nauseating that the construct of annihilation stands of the edifice of unending farces. Several states have been completely dismissed and stark bay at the mercy of the rich world.

Countries like India are not left behind, whether it is taking on Pakistan or warring the people in Kashmir or North East or the Central Indian provinces in their anti-Maoist combat. Multiple civil wars and mutinies are fought every day every moment. This is not the singled out case of India but is evident in many parts of Asia as well as Africa. With this logic one could see multiple worlds.

Secondly, the logic ‘of’ living in harmony with nature through sustainable methods and patterns has been pushed off the cliff. Even the last straw of organic cultivation has been crippled with the adoption of GMOs and hybrid seeds. Unmindful and illogical industrialisation has been consistently promoted at the cost of forest and its life, water bodies, cultivable land and community culture in the name of development and growth. Nature’s fury and cries are nature are staking and had made its ferocity loud heard on mankind and nature through the repeated manifestations like earthquakes, floods, drought, famines, tsunamis, hurricanes and cyclones.

Third, the goals of human emancipation expressed in various languages and terms since ancient times still stay the same despite struggles and strivings of scores of great people in every era. As these crisis goes one Democracy and democratic rights like right to choose, expression, individual freedom, dissent, choose, the right to justice, liberty, equality and peace are completely rejected. In India the social embodiment of caste has strengthened, while hatred and intolerance towards minorities based on religion, ethnicity, language, region, colour and sexual orientation had also outgrown. Caste atrocities and attack on minorities are part of daily news pages. The differential gap between the have and have-nots has widened to irreversible heights. The ones who voice against such testicles are made to face the wrath of the state. In India terrorist, Maoist, Naxlite, anti-national are few of the terminologies used to brand the ones who raise voice against any outrage of the state. Even to discuss about the basic human right is considered a crime by the government. Similar crisis are part of almost all the nations on target of the rich world.

Fourth, women face the rage of all these to the worst. Right from family to society to the external world of political affair, they always have the added edge of being a woman in whatever state of affairs. Patriarchy as an institution has also grown up alongside to the level of proving that whatever women want to achieve could only be based upon the limits that masculinity draws. Instances of all these could be observed across the world particularly in complex social orders like Brahminism and Casteism in India. Here also there are multiple denials other than the ones that surface in the previous paragraph.

Fifth, the state has turned almost authoritarian with strengthening of military and defence; however to the extents where the social and political systems remain regulated by capitalism, communalism and fascism as its driving force. State has turned into the easy apparatus of these forces. As the crisis further intensifies, as responsible individuals and communities the onus is with us to hear the cries of life, the weeps of death, the mourns of disharmony, the laments of the ancestors and the frowns of mother earth. It is under these circumstances that we need to locate and rediscover the lost paradise, the lost harmony of earth its people and the spirituality of the cosmos.

Goldy M. George is an activist in Chhattisgarh. He hold a PhD from TISS, Mumbai


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