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Population Policy Bhagwat Style

Peoples Voice on August 30, 2016 - 1:16 pm in Politics

Adv. Masood Peshimam

Thomas Malthus was the 1st economist to propose the systematic theory of population.  His essay on the principle of population, Malthus proposed the principle that the human population expands in the geometrical progression while the food production grows at an arithmetic ratio.  This scenario of arithmetic food growth simultaneous with geometric human population growth predicted a future when humans would have no resources to survive on.  To avoid such a catastrophe, Malthus urged control on population growth.  He considered that the population increase should be kept down to the level at which it could be supported by the operation of various checks.

Then there is Charles Darwin who is best known for his theory of evolution.  His theory of evolution is too well known to need any further recounting.  He believed in the survival of the fittest.  He found the solution of the problems in coinciding and reconciling with the environment be it natural, social, political, economic so on so forth.  To him, adaptation would lead to natural selection.  Greater the adaptability greater are the chances of survival.  However notwithstanding the concept of adaptability propounded by Darwin the fact remains that the adaptability has the limit.  Beyond limit, adaptability leads to the merger where the very identity of the entity is lost to the discomfiture level.

It is to save the identity of the Sindhi language associated with the Sindhi culture the Sindhis despite having gone through the traumatic experiences of partition did not go for the Deonagri script and retained the Arabic script.  The Sindhis asserted their Sindhi identity retaining the Arabic script.

With the Malthusian theory of population and Darwin’s theory of evolution in vogue, a new theory of population has come into existence that is RSS Chief Mohan Baghwat’s theory of population.  The narrative of Mohan Baghwat’s theory of population is that the population of Hindus is on decline and the population of Muslims in India is on increase.  He visualises that the expansion of Muslims population in future would disturb the demographic balance to the frightening proportion.  Hence he suggests Hindus to have more children.

RSS Chief would like Hindus to have more children with apprehension that Muslim minority in the country would outnumber the Hindu majority which can never be the situation.   The imagined upswing in the Muslim population is not explained in terms of logic and reasoning.  The imagined expansion of Muslim population is an exercise in exaggeration.  The issue is having more political slant than the focus on reality.   The concept of expansion of population can’t be explained in religious connotation.  There can be the economic interpretation as the poor treating the children as the increase in the means of earning and not availing of the facilities of family planning, early marriages and other factors may have the potential to expand population.

China chose in terms of economic factors to impose a harsh restriction on the rapid growth in population which later on got reversed due to the decline in the youth population in China.

It is painful to see Mohan Bhagwat developing a communal stance to the growth of population which underlines the hollowness of the political discourse with an intent to incite the hatred against Muslims.

RSS has one more issue in its kitty to complicate the situation for the politically orphan community already suffering victimisation in the country on one count or the other.  Now the situation has come to such a pass that speaking of the victimhood of Muslims in India may also attract some harsh response.   In the prevailing situation forget secular Muslims even the secular Hindus are not tolerated.  The dissent the hallmark of vibrant democracy is being stifled in the shouts of ultra-nationalism.

The communal forces in the country instead of subjective interpretation of the population control or any other unproductive issue are expected to focus on the worsening and gruesome plight of members of their own community and others lying on the railway platforms in the country.

However the political class in the country particularly the Sangh Praviar keeps floating the issues with regular consistency for forcing its hidden now open agenda on others and promote the interest of the corporate culture.  In the teeth of the quest for this kind of narrative in favour of divisive politics to fuel the communal polarisation it is for the Muslims to see that non opportunist liberal class rises to the occasion thus contributing to the social secular ethos.  Rigid communalism irrespective of any side would not benefit any one more particularly the middle class which is fighting the battle of survival every other day.  The strength of the nation lies in Hindu Muslim unity which is an answer to our multiple problems.


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