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Unity with ideological clarity is the only way to defeat hegemonists

Peoples Voice on August 3, 2016 - 10:32 am in Politics

Vidya Bhushan Rawat
Radical Humanist, political analyst and human rights activist

We know the violence against the Dalits, Muslims, Adivasis and Christians is on the rise and it needs to be resisted fully. That law and order agencies are not doing their duties as prescribed to them under the constitution of India. Now we have the ‘Sawan ka mahina’ and thousands of ‘Kanwad yatris’ have occupied the national highway from Haridwar to Delhi. It is difficult to walk on the road. These ‘yatris’ have two flags now. The Indian tricolour is atop of most of these vehicles including the two wheelers. The DJ has cheap and vulgar Bombay cinema songs converted into ‘bhajans’ and being played loudly. The ‘bhakts’ hang around with a ‘lathi’ in the truck or mini shouting and waving his lathi. The police are in their ‘service’. The police have also ‘roped in’ the local lathi-wielding ‘bhakts’ to ‘assist’ them in their work. This is the way how ‘bhakts’ socialise with police. There are big hoarding. From BJP to SP to Congress to BSP welcoming the ‘kanwad yatris’.

The Yatra has been converted into another ‘pilgrimage’ for the cause of the ‘nation’. These are cynical times. The administration becomes slave to them for the one months when these yatris can do anything and we have to just bear it. Commuting become pain for NCR people particularly living on the Dehradun-Hardwar highway. There is police everywhere in the service of the ‘bhakts’. Where is the time for police to do its important duty for which we pay tax? Where will the security of the people?

In each state, Sangh Parivar has communalised things and puts its agenda as national agenda and then socialise with the administration. Somewhere, it is Kanwad, elsewhere it is Baba Dham or Guarkasha. They are ‘civilised’ and ‘social activists’ for police and that is why when Guarakshaks takes law in their hands to beat up the innocent Dalits, the police offer their ‘beton’ to them.

Daily we are witnessing the brutalities where our police force is unable to do things. Now BSF has decided to do away with daily drills and introduce ‘Yoga’ and they will take services of Ram Dev legitimising him. Everything that the caste Hindus do has become ‘nationalised’ and ‘beyond criticism’. The damage is enormous.

A number of videos of violence are now emerging. Watching them is difficult and can make your heart break. Things are appearing on WhatsApp and Facebook. These ‘civilised’ people are crossing all the limits and police does not take action as they have been socialised now. They know the police is with them and above all the state of India is in their service. They know that no action would be taken against them. They know that our prime minister speaks on every damn thing on earth except for violence against Dalits, women, Adivasis and minorities. They know that the ministers and members of parliament of a particular party will justify their act claiming it is the ‘backlog’ or ‘burden’ of the past.

I do not share videos which I feel are not authenticated properly. I want to share things on my walls which are duly authenticated and about which we know. It does not mean things are not happening. The videos clearly show how brutal we are, how barbaric our society is and how our media speak on anything and keep quiet on these issues about which more than 90% of our people are affected.

I would only suggest that sharing of ideas is important. Let us continue to do so to develop a relationship based on ideas. The struggle which is based on common concern and ideas succeed. The political battle is won with common minimum programmes and forging the larger alliance, shedding our false egos and working with people. Merely speaking against something will not bring political change in India. We must understand not everyone who sits on a ‘dharna’ or a protest is a ‘revolutionary’. Unless we understand that reactionaries today are claiming to be the biggest ‘revolutionaries’, occupying our space and killing the spirit of change. Anna’s entire movement damaged India so much that there are chaos and anarchy everywhere. It gave enough space and legitimacy to the Sangh Parivar and its different offshoots which are today determined to change the direction of this country towards a hierarchical Brahmanical way of life. How much brahmins are disproportionately represented in this government can be seen at Prime Minister’s cabinet, his inner circle and PMO. When a minority is disproportionately represented in the power structure then one need to understand it is against the will of the suffering majority and that is the reason why it takes decisions not caring the pains, agony and lives of the people. People cry but the ‘governance’ structure is unmindful of their issues or perhaps deliberately ignoring it. It is not merely ignoring but handing over ‘administration’ to police and paramilitary where ‘people’ resist the move. So ‘people’ are being ‘taught’ lessons by the vigilante gangs in the ‘urban’ areas while police in the rural areas if they resist and do not follow the dictates.

New definitions are being provided. History is being rewritten to suit the interest of the ruling elite and divisions are being created among people. We have loads of work to do against this mischief. The only way is through constructive dialogues among communities. Continuous participation in small or bigger struggles, clarity of thoughts and political ideology. It’s a big battle need to be fought politically and democratically. India’s large Bahujan masses need an understanding of each other’s issues and not merely their own issues and come together for a positive programme. It is not the question of sending one political party to oblivion but charts out a path for themselves for a long-term unity. None can defeat a people who come together on a positive and clearly defined path as confusions will only be created where communities meet without ideological clarity and individual interest become powerful than anything else in the name of ‘community interests’.

Remember, the easiest way to break unity is to create ‘rumours’ about communities. The best way is as we fight against Brahmanical hegemony and want to break it, it is important we do not allow hegemony of any other communities It is important people are given spaces and those communities who have rarely been acknowledged need space. Political power is only possible through making your outreach stronger and trustworthy. Political leaders remember community when they are in trouble otherwise most of the time it is their family which is the ‘community’. Can we ask our leaders to respect the grassroots activists, workers who devote their time for the movements and strengthen the parties they work for? The leaders are promoting ‘paratroopers’ who have money bags and can purchase politicians. If you have these ‘paratroopers’ then they will ditch you whenever such occasions come. A true political activist will remain dedicated to his ideals but if politicians play with his sentiments, chances are there that he or she too will become like that. And those are the worst things happening. For the Dalit Bahujan movements, Buddha-Ambedkar-Periyar the most potent weapons to break the hegemony of the Brahmanical system. It is important our political people learn it and dedicate themselves to the bigger cause.

This is a wish and I hope it becomes a reality otherwise ‘deshbhakt’ vigilante gangs with police batons are there to take care of all of us at their whims and fancies.


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