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Dalits Muslims and Human Rights

Peoples Voice on August 1, 2016 - 1:33 pm in Society

Adv. Masood Peshimam

The oldest litigant Hashim Ansari the oldest litigant in the Ram Janmbhoomi dispute who died recently and associated with the case since 1949 had a friend in Ram Hans who was the other party representing the interests of the temple. Hashim Ansari and Ram Hans, the rival litigants in the Masjid Mandir controversy not compromising their stance in the matter used to travel in the same Tonga or Horse cart spelling out lessons in communal harmony though it’s a different proposition that the Masjid Mandir dispute has set ablaze the whole nation.Instead the aggressive communal belligerence went from strength to strength subverting the cause of justice and in the process throwing the entire country in to turmoil to achieve the nefarious politics gains. Having gained power the communal force have the passion to spread the communal disharmony and are out to use the media trial inflaming passion, corporate culture and the different institutions of the government to deepen the communal divide with a stake in keeping the pot boiling to harvest the vested political interest with an eye on UP and Punjab election.

The situation has come to such a sorry pass that the conversion is linked with the Islamic state despite the fact that Indian Muslims have no romance with the terror outfits. The Indian Muslims have deplored and condemned the Islamic state or other terror outfits in the strongest terms. The Muslims in the country are product of the cosmopolitan culture and as patriot as their other counterparts. Despite the community clothed with the nationalist sentiments the youth of the community are falsely implicated to satisfy certain vested communal interest. The terrorists deserve the highest punishment but in the name of combating terror the innocent should not be put to untold turbulence.

It is against this murky scenario the passions are aroused and religious sentiments are articulated in the name of beef consumption against the Muslims. Quite aware of the consequences the community does not go for the risky situation in the process inviting chaos no end.

Hence given the situation where the passions are easily aroused in the name of beef consumption it was easy to target Mohammed Akhlaque at Dadri in UP who was brutally murdered by the frenzied mob in UP. What is more saddening is the fact that the FIR is slapped against the kith and kin of the deceased. Hence there is no restraint over the frenzied people asserting their right to indulge in all sorts of violence creating an atmosphere of trouble for the easy to be targeted Muslims.

In the circumstance in Jharkhand 2 Muslims dealing in animal business were hanged to death. In Faridabad the two Muslim merchants were forced to consume the cow dung and the merchants of hate had the audacity to spread the scene viral. Drawing further courage for the non-accountability of their criminal actions the communalists did not stop there at targeting the Muslims and went ahead in attacking the Dalits. The complexity of the Dalits being attacked and provoked so much in the context of beef politics was unthinkable for the BJP government as Modi’s overtures to Dalit with the celebration of Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar’s 125th anniversary and other measures like handing over plot of land to Dalits in Maharashtra by the Fadnavis government for Ambedkar Memorial was all done to curry with Dalit favour. The inflamed environment created thanks to the dangerously provocative fulmination has the potential to extend the target further than one community. This is how the Dalits faced the music.

The flogging of the Dalit youth for skinning the dead cow in Una, Gujarat led to the eruption of widespread protests in Gujarat and elsewhere involving the attempted suicide.

The complex issue of Dalit atrocity is attributed to High caste Hindus which is wrong. No one community can be blamed for evolving the blatant assertion of communal frenzy which cannot be compartmentalized into caste and creed.

The certain section of the people who miss no opportunity in abusing high caste people cling to them for promoting their benefits.

It is like the narration of late Haji Mastan who said that those abusing him from the stage to assert their moral superiority were drawn to him to seek finance at night.

In the present situation encouraged by rabble-rousing politics BJP vice president Daya Shanker Singh abused Mayavati as prostitute. The abuse of Mayavati cannot be simply taken in the context of profanity but it goes beyond that such obnoxious remarks are made against the leaders of any community or at best ignored to lower the morale and weightage of that community.

This is very relevant to the Indian Muslims whose sacrifice in the freedom struggle is no less than their counterparts but there is no mention of them for the reasons cited above.

Calling BSP supremo a sex worker is the uncivilized behaviour of highest degree which fuelled the Dalit outrage and invited the counter outrageous remark from the BSP leaders. However notwithstanding the humiliating remarks and counter remarks the fact remains that the first stone was thrown by the BJP functionary.

The harsh criticism of Mayavati and the outburst of Dalit anger made the BJP go for the damage control exercise.

Arun Jailed maintained his distance from the prostitute remarks of the BJP functionary.

It is the united strength of the Dalits which made the BJP government and the party to douse the fire unlike the Muslims who have one Ali Baba speaking the truth attracting 40 thieves targeting the Ali Baba calling spade a spade. The unsavoury political manipulation is rooted in the fact that slew of Muslim opportunists with no treasure of talent are to curry favour of those in the corridors of power. These Muslim opportunists have their own axis to grind thus defining the debacle of the sincere politics in the country.

The trouble with the Muslim socio-politic life is that the dissidence against injustice is not liked by certain section in the community. In this context I had share of embarrassment when I spoke of the Muslim youth falsely implicated in terror cases around 10 to 15 years in one Urdu weekly function. One Urdu journalist asked me to descend from the stage. The same Urdu journalist not tolerating my frankness in talking justice had his own moment of unease when he was accused of fanning the communal violence at Rabodi, Thane in Maharashtra and the shock led to his unfortunate death as described by the ex mayor of Thane Naeem Khan. Muslims or otherwise the truth speaking is not to be contained.

Meantime in the teeth of this crisis cow vigilantes in M.P. thrashed two Muslim women on the unfounded rumors that they were carrying the beef in the presence of the police. These two women were arrested and released on bail. The frequency of the incident by the cow vigilantes explains that the mob has usurped the power to take law and order in its hands and performing functions of police, Judge and the executive quite unaccounted.

The Justice system contaminated with the dirty political culture can well be explained by one Urdu couplet.

“Taig Munsif who Jahan, Daro rasan woh Shahid.

Begunah kon hai is Shaher me Qatil ke siwa.”

“Where sword is the Judge witnesses are the gallows.

Who else is the innocent except the Murderer.”

The said scenario can well be explained in terms of might is right. It is not the simple dictum of might is right. The situation is further aggravated when the might is cold blooded inexorably leading to the deficiency of Human Values. Only the communal harmony and the socially cordial relations can fight the menace and improve the situation.



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