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OBC Reservation (Representation) is being denied by UGC

Reservation is neither welfare scheme nor poverty alleviation program of the Govt. It is the Human Right of the deprived community which was denied since immemorial time
Peoples Voice on June 14, 2016 - 4:27 pm in Education

Ramdev Vishwabandhu
Freelance journalist, Dalit & Adivasi activist

Reservation in India has always been a matter of Discussion and Debate. While it is a disappointing issue for the ruling Upper caste. In a recent development, University Grant Commission (UGC) New Delhi has issued a letter to the Registrar of all (40) central University on 3rd June 2016. This letter was in continuation with letter No. F-21-2/2015(CU), dated 23-3-2016. The third paragraph of the letter says’’ In teaching position reservation for SC 15% & ST 7.5% in all three level i.e. Professor, Associate Professor and Assistant Professor. However 27% OBC reservation in teaching position is applicable only at the level of Assistant Professor only.” It means OBC cannot become professor and Associate Professor in any Central University.

This BJP Govt. gradually trying to reduce reservation opportunity to the weaker section of the society. What is reservation? Reservation is not the question of getting jobs only. This is the question of representation. There is representative Democracy in India. Reservation is neither welfare scheme nor poverty alleviation program of the Govt. It is the Human Right of the deprived community which was denied since immemorial time. The question of reservation (representation) started during British India. Credit goes to Shahu Ji Maharaj of Kolhapur State, Maharashtra.  He Introduced 50% reservation in his State on his birth date 26th July 1902. There is a long history of the struggle for the reservation. Finally it was accepted and incorporated in the Constitution of the India. SC/ST/BC can get reservation under Article 15,16 & 340, SC/ST got reservations in British India in 1932 according to Poona Pact. But the so- called OBC got reservations after 60 years in 1992.

Dr. BR Ambedkar, champion of the Human Right incorporated Article 340 for the reservation of the Other Backward Classes (OBC). Dr. Ambedkar made pressure on Nehru Govt. to set up a Commission to identifying other Backward Classes. He tendered eleven pages resignation letter in support of Hindu Code Bill. In that resignation letter, he mentioned two times about to set up a commission for the backward Classes. (W & S, Vol 14, partII) The then Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru set up a Commission under the Chairmanship of Kaka Kalelkar in 1953. Kaka Kalelkar presented the Report in 1955. But Pt. Nehru could not implement that Report. When Janta Party came to power in 1977, leader of the backward classes met with then Prime Minister Morarji Desai. Implementation of the Kaka Kalelkar Report was included in the Manifesto of the Janta Party. Mr. Desai set up another commission under the chairmanship of B.P Mandal (ex-CM of Bihar) in 1979. Mandal presented a report in 1980. No Govt dared to implement Mandal Commission Recommendation. The Mandal report suggested 27% reservation (of 54% OBC) to OBC. He also recommended land reform.

The Year 1990 is the crucial year for India. Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation (LPG) was introducing in the Nation. In 1989, VP Singh govt formed at the Centre. VP Singh announces Mandal Commission recommendation on 7th August 1989. It was the part of the Manifesto of the Janta Dal Govt. This created turmoil throughout the Nation. Supporters of reservation and anti-reservationist fought each other. Many organisations staged Dharna Rally. Whole Media was against reservation. Nation lost crores of property. That was the period of Mandal (OBC reservation) Kamandal (Hinduwadi politics) and Bhumandal (Globalisation). BJP and RSS started Mind divert program (MDP). Kamandal against Mandal. Ram Janma Bhumi issue raised by Hinduism politics. After a long legal process, Supreme Court’s verdict came out on 16th November 1992, under Indira Sawhney Vs Union Of India.  Supreme court supported 27% reservation to OBC with the Creamy layer. That  was the victory of marginalised section. Reservation is to meet the challenge of age-old caste based oppression. The decision of the Supreme court was not in the favour of the ruling upper caste. Within 20 days of the decision of the Supreme court, November 16,1992. Hindu terrorist organisations demolished Babri Mosque on 6th Dec 1992. 6th Dec is the Death anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar. That was the Mind Divert Programme (MDP) of the BJP/RSS. 27% reservation was for a central job. This was Mandal part-i. Mandal Part-ii started in 2006 by the then HRD Minister Arjun Singh. This was for reservation in Higher Education. Due to the effort made by Arjun Singh UPA Govt. agreed to give reservation in Admission and Appointment to OBC. Hindu religion does not sanction imparting Education to SC/ST/BC. Dr. AK Biswas (ex-IAS) has rightly said that Education is the Safety Valve for the Brahmanical ruling Upper Caste. If any non-Upper Caste candidate wants to enter in this Safety Valve made but Brahmanical Upper caste, may be harassed or targeted. Education is the light  which emits a ray of knowledge in a different direction. Dr.B R Ambedkar said Education is the feed (milk) of the lioness. According to Swami Vivekananda, Education makes the character, creates self-confidence and develops courage like a lion. Modi Govt. talks about Dalit upliftment. This Govt. constructing a Memorial in the Name of Ambedkar in Delhi which cost around 190 Crore. But fails to provide fellowship to weaker section regularly. The current instance is Rohit Vemula who has not given fellowship for last seven months.

BJP and the Congress party, both are the original Brahmanical party. Both are two faces of the same coin. BJP is the Honest enemy and Congress is the dishonest friend  for the Dalit-Bahujan people. Out of 27% central job, only 12% is fulfilled by the Govt. Rest 15% is still incomplete for the OBC. Our Govt. and Our OBC leader is responsible for this situation. RSS/BJP wants to divide Bahujan Unity. Yesterday Lalu Yadav in Patna strongly opposed Central Govt.  For denying OBC reservation in Central University. He said remove Bunch of Thought—by MS Golwalker, implement Ambedkar’s Thoughts.


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