Mobile Companies are talking only 2G, 3G or 4G but RSS and Hindu organisation are talking of 5G—Gau, Ganga, Gayatri, Gobar and Godse.
Peoples Voice on May 25, 2016 - 9:43 pm in Politics

Ramdev Vishwabandhu
Freelance journalist, Dalit & Adivasi activist

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has completed two yrs in PM office. He had taken oath as the 14th Prime Minister of India on 26th May, 2014. That oath ceremony was historical for both BJP and the Nation. Premier of the SAARC countries were also present to mark the Day.

The result of the 16 th General Election came out on 16th May, 2014. BJP (Modi) bagged 282 seats out of 543. That was unexpected Victory for BJP. On 16th May, 2014 it became Modimay ( full of Modi) throughout the Nation. It was historical in the sense of three points

  1. Narendra Modi was second Gujrati after Morarji Desai to be the premier of the Nation.
  2. It was the full Majority (non-alliance) Govt. after 30 yrs at the centre.
  3. It was Hindutwawadi (Hinduism) Govt. in full Majority.

Hindu fascist party came to power at the Centre in a Democratic way. More than five Dozen ancillary organisation like—RSS,VHP, ABVP, Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, Durga Vahini, Ekal Vidyalaya etc. All were happy to see the Saffron Brigade at the Centre.

Election Campaign of Modi was tactfully and electronically well designed by the professionals. Mr Modi is responsible for the State sponsored genocide in 2002. More than two thousand minorities Communities were killed, raped. He became the symbol of Muslim hatred in the world. Prime Minister is the Prime accused in the Gulburga society murder case, in which Ehsan Jafri a Congress Party MP was brutally killed by the Hinduvadi forces. This genocide made him as political Villain in the secular and Democratic circle. But he was Hero among Hindu Communal forces. There were many opponents of Modi within BJP. In the Goa National convention of the party (2013), Narendra Modi was announced as the Prime Minister Candidate of the Party. Many senior leaders opposed this candidature. Modi and BJP started Election Campaign one year before. Mr. Modi is taking support for PR (Public Relation) from APCO company of USA since 2007.

Mr. Modi was taking support for PR (Public Relation) from APCO company of USA since 2007. Same company is giving PR support to Barrack Obama. So the election campaign was highly electronic, expensive similar to the election campaign of USA. If we peep through the window of History, we will find many similarities. USA was suffering from the economic recession in 1929. During that period, Mr. Rooswelt was contesting Presidential Election. He coined new electoral Slogan, i e. Happy Days are near to come (Achhe din aane wale hai) to attract masses. Same electoral Slogan was repeated in India after 85 yrs by Modi. That was borrowed from USA. In Election Campaign Modi always use to say that he need Minimum Government and Maximum Governance. That was not a new thing. That very sentence –Minimum Government and Maximum Governance has been borrowed from the Book, WEALTH OF NATION—by Adam Smith in 1754.

He promised a lot to the people of India. But main promise was to return Black Money from Swiss Bank. If this huge amount would come back to India, every Indian would get 10—15 Lacs of Rupees. This dream type Slogan attracted may unemployed youth. At last, it worked for him.

Next Important thing was to expose Caste. Think tank at RSS used caste of Modi as an OBC. The total population of OBC is more than 52% in India. Last Census on the basis of caste was done in 1931. Indian society is not homogenous, it a is diverse Society. They understand caste, not scheduled caste or backward caste. OBC is Over Bevkoof (Awkward) Caste in India. They fully depend on Brahmanical Social forces (BSF).

In last two yrs of his tenure, he could not keep his words. But ideological allies of BJP started the process of Hinduisation (Brahmnisation) in a Jet-propelled speed. Love—Jehad, Beef eating, Nationalism. Traitor, Conversion of religion, Bharat Mata, gau mata and other kinds of Brahmanical humbug. While all the issues were out dated. Young and Intellectuals could not respond. But the socio-political environment was polluted. Mobile Companies are talking only 2G, 3G or 4G but RSS and Hindu organisation are talking of 5GGau, Ganga, Gayatri, Gobar and Godse.

Modi failed in Black Money. In Last two yrs he changed only Name Plate or Name board. The scheme which was named after Gandhi or Nehru or Rajiv now it is changed to Atal or Deen Dayal etc. Last yr in Delhi Aurangzeb Road was changed to Dr. APJ Abul Kalam. This is a brutal joke with History. History is History, it is not depend upon our likes or dislikes. He Visited/toured many countries and started the tour from neighbour countries, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Bangla Desh etc. One can say that he is tourist Minister. Till now our relationship with neighbour is not good as it was claimed. For the BJP and RSS Nepal is Hindu Rashtra. 10 yrs back Hindu Monarchy was overthrown by secular and Maoist parties of the Nepal. RSS is talking about the mingling of India, Pakistan and Bangla Desh, why they are not talking about Hindu Nepal. If BJP is Hindu & Nepal is Hindu then why not a comfortable relation? BJP got success only in FDI. Around 55.5 Billion Dollar FDI attracted by India in 2015-16. It is comparatively 22.5% more than last yr.

But where is the use of this FDI ?

When Modi came to power he started to follow the thoughts of RSS, as a real RSS Pracharak.