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Is Sword Mightier than Pen now?

A Government does not fear weapons. But it’s afraid of "Thought". Because a thought is more powerful than any weapon.
Peoples Voice on May 18, 2016 - 8:48 pm in Society

Ramdev Vishwabandhu
Freelance journalist, Dalit & Adivasi activist

It is well known proverb, Pen is mightier than sword, but in this Corporate era it seems to be as Sword is mightier than Pen. Recently two journalists were brutally killed in Bihar & Jharkhand. In both murder cases there are similarities. In both cases there is demand of levy. Rajiv Ranjan a bureau head of Hindustan Hindi daily of Sivan District was killed last week. He was asked for levy. He could not pay levy and in return he had to lose his life.

Last week on 12 th May,2016, Akhilesh Pratap Singh alias Indradeo Yadav was also brutally killed by Naxalites. Indradeo Yadav was working in a local Channel TAZA TV in Chatra Distt of Jharkhand State.

Yadav was also involved in contract work in the Dept. of Electricity. TPC (Tritiya Prastut Committee) a Naxal outfit of Jharkhand demanded a Levy of Rs 7 Lacs from Mr. Yadav, a Reporter of TAZA TV. Yadav was unable to pay that heavy amount. He lost his life. Out of five accused three were arrested. According to Police Inspector accused are supporters of BJP and closely associated with local MLA of BJP, Ganesh Ganjhu.

Murder, arresting and torture of Reporter/ Journalist is not a new thing. Journalist who are reporting against illegal work, or reporting against govt are being targeted. In Chhattisgarh State many reporters were killed by the Corporate Mafias. Many were put in to the prison. Few Reporters were implicated in false cases. Few are absconding. Big Media houses are not supporting their own reporters if any cases are framed against them. There is unholy nexus among the Corporate Houses, Media Houses and the govt. In CG, Govt supporting reporters were given Contract, job and other kinds of benefits. These reporters cannot write against the Govt. policies.

Media persons were (are) targeted throughout the world. May be its Iraq war or any terror or war in the world. Recently few International Journalists were lynched by ISIS (Syria & Iraq).In Madhya Pradesh Vyapam Scandal took place. More than four dozen suspected persons either committed suicide or were found dead. Out of them two journalist were found dead in mysterious situation. No one knows why and how it happened. In 2002 a reporter Iftikhar Gilani of Kashmir Times was arrested allegation was his ISI connection. In 2008 Reporter Praful Jha of Roypur(C.G) was arrested on allegation of being a Maoist sympathiser  of urban network. He was released after seven years of imprisonment .In same year (2008) Prashant Rahi a reporter from Dehradoon, Jai Prakash Sittapalam of Tamilnadu were arrested. In September 2014 a Guwahati based TV reporter Jacklong Bramha was arrested.

According to Committee for Protection of Journalist, 221 Reporters were put behind the bar in 2014 in the world, 211 in 2013 and 232 in 2012. It is said Media (media is plural form of Latin word Medium) is a fourth pillar of Democracy. Other three are Legislative, Executive and Judiciary. These three are documented but Media is not documented. It is said to be the fourth pillar. Civil Society organisations (CSO) are now called the fifth Pillar of Democracy. Now Print Media and Electronic channels are controlled by Corporate sector. Many Channels are operated by Ambani. Even Ambani may not know how many channels he operates. Now Forth Pillars of Democracy is handled by Big Business Houses

Powerful Govt. always wants to suppress the democratic voice of the masses.

Investigating reporter expose illegal Mining/activities, scandal Murder and non-democratic policies of the State. Current example is Panama Paper expose. Many reporters’ work hard at risk of their lives. Rural reporters are working at very low wages. Supreme Court has ordered to Media Houses to implement Majithia Commission report. But no Media Houses has dared to implement the Majithia Commission Recommendations.

Few Reporters are working as Mission. Few are for making money. Mainstream media is not mainstream in real sense. Electronic channels are confined to few particular places only. This media covers proportionally less news of North-east and south India. Alternative media is the only way to keep people well informed. Writing Truth is the foundation of the Democracy. Truth writing is highly risky job. This job will make democracy alive & powerful.

Great Hindi Poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar wrote, Kalam Desh ki badi Shakti Hai (pen is great power of the Nation), Bhav Jaganewali (creates emotion) Dil hi nahi Dimago bhi aag lagane wal (it not only inflame heart but mind also).

A Government does not fear weapons. But it’s afraid of “Thought”. Because a thought is more powerful than any weapon.


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