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Jharkhand Opposition Calls Bandh on 14th May

People are suffering from drought, lack of safe drinking water, poverty, mal-nutrition and other kind of health problem. Govt is always diverting people’s issues
Peoples Voice on May 11, 2016 - 7:21 pm in Rights

After a long struggle and martyrdom Jharkhand came in to existence on 15th Nov, 2000. It was part of undivided Bihar and called this part South Bihar. Separate Jharkhand movement was started by Adivasi people. Later on non-tribals joined hands. Jharkhandi people were treated as second class citizen. Most of the Govt. jobs were captured by Bihari people. Main input (Insight) behind the Jharkhand movement was Jharkhandi Identity, preservation of Jharkhandi culture, and self-respect of the local people. Next was the development of the area. It has huge Mineral and natural resources.

Babulal Marandi became first Chief minister of the state. In July 2002 he issued a letter to recruit local people. This created turmoil in the state. Different political/non-political parties started agitation. Local parties were supporting Babulal Marandi. Media played a negative role. Most of the media persons were outsider. It was called Domicile of the Jharkhand. People said Domicile is Missile.

During agitation three local people lost their life. Indigenous parties were putting the condition of KHATIYAN 1932 (last record of survey). Those people who have survey Khatiyan will be treated as Jharkhandi and those who do not have will be treated as Non- Jharkhandi.

What was said in the recruitment policy was not a new thing. In 1982 Jagannath Mishra was the CM of Bihar. During his period a letter was issued from the Dept. Of personnel Bihar Govt dated 12th October 1982 by the signature of the then secretary Mukhtar Singh (IAS). According to that letter class-3 and class-4 category job will be provided to the residents of respected local dist. It was fine. But indigenous organisation started to put the condition of Khatiyan of 1932. If we talk about the implementation of last survey of records, 1932. It will be difficult for the PTG. There are 32 tribes in the state. Out of 32, 9 tribes are primitive tribes group. Among those, pahariya, mal pahariya and few other do not have last survey of records, 1932.They have firm believe that lands belong to god and it is the gift of Singbonga (Sun God). Hence they do not have papers, records and documentation.

There is quite absence of local people in all the economic activities of the state. It has huge mineral resources but indigenous people could not be benefited. BJP and AJSU alliance Govt. came to power in Jharkhand in December 2014. Raghubar Das became CM of the State. After taking oath he said that Domicile Policy will be formulated with in 30 days. Because it was long waited policy for the state. Raghubar Das has passed one year of his tenure but nothing has been done so far in this regard. During this period many vacancies were published. Teachers, police forces and other were recruited without any policy. Hence more than 70% candidates were selected from other state.

Last month in April, 2016, present BJP Govt, announced a policy, cut of Date for Jharkhandi is 1985. Many Political and non-political parties are strongly opposing govt policy. Those people who have got born in 1985 in this area may be called Jharkhandi. Really this is unjust thinking for the indigenous people. Writer and thinker Dr. B P Keshari has a different view. Bokaro Steel Plant and HEC, Hatia established in 1960-70 decade. During that period many people from other state came for the job. According to Dr. Keshari boundry line should be 1960-70 for the Jharkhandi.

Ironically with in BJP, MLAs are not satisfied with own govt’s Out of 36 MLAs of BJP, 28 MLA met with Jharkhand Assembly speaker Sheo shanker Oraun. And put their demand. Arjun Munda former CM of the state wrote a letter to CM disagreeing with few points of Domicile policy. Now many political parties staging Dharna against the Govt. JMM took firm stand against the Govt. JMM wants last survey of records (1932) for the Jharkhandi people. JMM agitating in a plan way. On 7th May JMM staged dharna in all 260 blocks of the state. Now it called Jharkhand Bandh (Chakka-jam) on 14th May,2016. Other political parties like JVM (Babulal Marandi) and CPI(ML) are supporting Jharkhand Bandh.

Earlier it was said that Jharkhand has formed for the sake of tribal masses. But what about the tribals ?

Tribals boys and girls are migrating to other state in search of job. Around three lacs tribals girls have migrated to different state and different towns. More than 6 thousand tribals are behind the bar. Few of them are dubbed as Naxlite. 57% Dalits and 54% tribals are living under below poverty line. Will any govt. policy discourage migration? Is any opportunity to get employment in own state. Can they get employment from available resources?

A tough question may be asked to Hemant Soren (Ex-CM). Why he could not formulate Domicile policy while he was in govt. for 14 months. Easily he would say that he was heading alliance govt. It is not the right answer. A man enjoys power forgets peoples interest. During these 16 yrs. govt has not made rules to implement PESA around half of the Jharkhand comes under PESA. PESA ensures tribals self-rule, customary laws and empowerment of their own Gram Sabha. Governor of the state is the custodian of the PESA area. Governor has to send the report of the PESA area to the president of India. But no one has send till now.

Generally political parties are funded by the corporate sector. Natural and mineral resources are being exploited by corporate giant. Present BJP govt. is implementing the corporate agenda. People are suffering from drought, lack of safe drinking water, poverty, mal-nutrition and other kind of health problem. Govt is always diverting people’s issue.


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