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Shillong’s Nirbhaya family awaits justice

The Shillong Brave-heart, needs justice and the lapses in the procedures should not be reason for denial and/or delay of justice
Peoples Voice on March 21, 2016 - 1:02 pm in Rights

Ivyreen Warjri
Mission Director, State Resource Centre for Women – Meghalaya

Apropos news report “Mother hands over accused son to police” (ST dated 20-03-2016). While commending the noble act of the mother against her accused son who had confessed to committing a heinous and gruesome crime against a 19 year old Shillong Brave-heart, who has just completed her recent High School Leaving Certificate Examination, I sincerely hope that the police, whose lapses in probe have already come to light, should put their acts together and ensure that Shillong Brave-heart gets full justice. If the police could show their sheer competence when our Honorable Chief Minister’s car scraped a Taxi Max from behind nearby the crime scene, there is no reason why the police cannot punish the guilty in a short period of time. In almost all cases of motor accidents that do not involve death but causing damages to either one or both cars costing thousand of rupees in repair are mutually settled between the parties in the presence of an officer in charge of a police station.

The Shillong Brave-heart, needs justice and the lapses in the procedures should not be reason for denial and/or delay of justice. This incident is a dark spot on the culture of a Matrilinial society like Shillong, and also in the Society at large. The mother of accused has done a commendable task of bringing her son (the accused) to the law enforcement agencies. The mother quoting her son claimed that there were three others wearing masks at the jungle close to the house of the victim and they had asked the accused to strangulate the victim as per reports from agencies. This reminds us of the Delhi Nirbhaya case. This Shillong Brave-Heart was also raped and murdered.

Many political parties and Civil society groups have condemned the heinous and gruesome crime and are asking for compensation to the Victim’s family along with additional expenses for the funeral conducted for the victim as per  the Meghalaya Victim Compensation Scheme, 2014. But the larger question of Justice seems still pending. It was a few days ago we Observed the International Womens Day and expressed solidarity with the cause. The Prime minister has been constantly speaking on Beti Bachao and Beti Padhao. Women, in Meghalaya, have many times been the sole bread winner in their house. Such acts need to be brought to immediate justice. The law enforcement should act fast and give speedy justice. There should be speedy investigation and trial of the case, there are many pending cases of crimes against women and children which await speedy disposal


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