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Indians to resist against Committing Higher Education to WTO

Peoples Voice on November 27, 2015 - 4:07 pm in Education

All India Forum for Right To Education

According to the momentous decision taken at our IV National Council Meeting held at Sewagram (Maharashtra), we have organized intensive campaign against Government of India Committing Higher Education to WTO. Our campaign has touched at least one third of districts of all states in the country. We have covered many central and state Universities and Degree colleges in our Campaign. We also reached out to new organisations over the period. Ambedkarite and Gandhite organisations are also taking active role in the campaign. Majority of the left, democratic and socialist student and teachers organisations have also joined the campaign against WTO. To be brief, this time we could reach out to many new areas and we got good response everywhere. AIFRTE is recognized as a broad based platform for uncompromising struggle in the field of education. Now, the ‘All India Resistance Camp against Committing Higher Education to WTO’ is approaching very fast.  We have only a week in our hands for final preparations.

8- Day Resistance Camp: This 8-Day resistance camp will be organised at Jantar Mantar. It is heartening to note that our proposal for a week long Resistance Camp at Delhi, the first in kind, met great response not only from our member- and associate-organisations but also from new organisations we have approached. Different organisations came forward and each took responsibility to mobilize participants and funds to organize the camp for one day as following, AISF – 7TH Dec, AISA – 8th Dec, Rest of AIFRTE (Participants from outside Delhi) 9th Dec, Rest of AIFRTE (Participants from Delhi) 10th Dec, KYS – 11TH Dec, RSD – 12th Dec, PDSU -13th Dec, AIFETO – 14TH December. Of course, every organisation is called upon to send a good delegation to the ‘Resistance Camp’ every day.

9th Dec – AIFRTE Participants from outside Delhi: While the members of AISF, AISA, KYS, RDS, PDSU and AIFETO will be joining the resistance camp, essentially, on their respective days, the remaining member- and associate-organisations of AIFRTE will have to mobilize for 9th and 10th December. On 9th as noted in the above paragraph, all member- and associate-organisations of AIFRTE shall mobilize their members in thousands to make the day a resounding success. Participants who are coming from outside Delhi are requested to stay for an extra day, if it is so possible for them and also to participate on 10thDecember. AIFRTE’s 68 member- and associate-organisations from all over India are participating on this day. All Organisations which are joining this day and on the next day shall bring their banners and other exhibits.

10th Dec – AIFRTE Participants from Delhi: Member- and associate-organisations of AIFRTE which are working in Delhi with AIFRTE shall mobilize their members essentially on 10th December. Delhi-based comrades shall also try to join on 9thDecember too. Around 40 Delhi-based organisations are participating on this day.

Resistance Camp will be at Jantar Mantar: As is noted earlier, the 8-day long Resistance Camp will be organised from 7th to 14th December at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi. The resistance camp starts every day at 10:00 am and formally closes at 6:30. Cultural programmes follow thereafter.

Routes to Gurudwara and Jantar Mantar: Our working team in Delhi is trying to take permission from Majnu Ka Tila Gurudwara for free accommodation. You will be informed as and when it is finalized. Jantar Mantar  is near Patel Chowk Metro Railway Station (Exit from Gate no. 1or 2)

  1. Those who are reaching Delhi on 8th shall go to Majnu ka Tila Gurudwara for their accommodation. They should be ready by 8:00 am on 9th December and come to Jantar Mantar by 9:00 am by Metro Train up to Patel Chowk Metro station and just walk few minutes to reach Jantar Mantar. Tiffin will be provided at Jantar Mantar up to 9:45 am. Resistance Camp proceedings start at 10:00 am.
  2. Those who are reaching early hours of 9th shall also go to Jantar Mantar for refreshing up and to reach to Jantar Mantar before 9:00 am by Metro Train to collect their tiffin and join the proceedings in time.
  3. Those who reach Delhi late on 9th morning, they are requested to complete their essential morning duties in the train or at railway station itself and come to Jantar Mantar at right time. All are requested to stay back for an extra day i.e. 10th December to join the camp for the second consecutive day.


  • Nizamuddin Station to Jantar Mantar:
  1. Exit towards Nizammuddin Side (platform no. 1 side)
  2. Bus no. 181 and 166 go to Jantar-Mantar
  3. no Metro train available at this station
  • New Delhi Railway Station to Jantar Mantar
  1. Take Metro train and reach Patel Chowk Station exit from gate no 1 or 2 or take a prepaid auto
  • Old Delhi Railway Station to Jantar Mantar
  1. by Metro alight at Patel Chowk Station for Jantar-Mantar
  2. Bus no 729 (from gate no 2 at GPO Bus Stand)
  • Nizamuddin Station to Majnu Ka Tila:
  1. Come out of the station from Sarai Kale Khan side
  2. Take ‘Tivra Mudrika’ (outer ring road) bus service up to Majnu Ka Tila
  • New Delhi Railway Station to Majnu Ka Tila:
  1. Take Metro Train to Vidhan Sabha Station and walk to Maju ka Tila
  2. Bus nos. 901 and 185 from Kamla Market (outside the metro station)
  • Old Delhi Railway Station to Majnu Ka Tila:
  1. Take Metro Train to Vidhan Sabha, then walk to Majnu ka Tila
  2. Bus nos. 120, 185 and others from GPO side
  • Majnu Ka Tila to Jantar Mantar:
  1. 10 minutes walk from Gurudwara to Vidhan Sabha Metro Station
  2. Take Metro Train and get down at Patel Chowk Station


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