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Open Letter to The President & The Prime Minister of India

Peoples Voice on October 31, 2015 - 5:13 pm in Governance

Over 60 civil society organisations and groups of Hyderabad comprising of academics, activists, journalists, writers, poets, artists, trade and student unions, professionals and concerned citizen came together to organise a Meeting to Sign an Open Letter to The President and Prime Minister of India against the growing intolerance and violence in the country and to demand immediate condemnation and action.

Prominent personalities and people from different sections of society participated in large numbers and endorsed the Open Letter. The Open Letter will be submitted to the President of India and the Prime Minister of India. Copy of the Letter and list of organizers is appended.

Open Letter to

The President of India and The Prime Minister of India

We the Citizens of Hyderabad and of India express our deep anguish and outrage against the onslaught on liberal ethos of India through attacks and killing of writers, Muslims, Christians, Dalits, and other members of minority and marginalised communities amidst a growing atmosphere of intolerance and hate politics.

We are appalled to be witness to the fringe extremes of society being allowed to occupy the center stage with impunity, issuing dictates  and resorting to violence to enforce what, how and who everyone should eat, dress, write, speak to, meet, and live. We also condemn instances of intolerant responses to this growing tide of hatred that is equally undemocratic and reprehensible. The most horrifying and dangerous aspect of it all is that even some Members of Parliament, and Ministers of the Union and State Governments are engaged in intolerant and insensitive pronouncements leading to spread of intolerance and hatred.

As a result, Rule of Law is being replaced by Mob Violence masquerading as instant justice evidenced in the numerous instances of attacks on people across the country on grounds of faith, caste, ideology, expression of views, and cultural practices culminating in killings and lynchings that we are afraid may soon become a norm and a daily occurrence if unchecked.

It is with deep distress we note that both the President of India and the Prime Minister of India (the current custodians of the great Indian Civilization that is defined by values of inclusion and tolerance) have not directly condemned and denounced any of the acts of aggression and violence that manifest routinely in myriad forms, the lynching in Dadri and the burning alive of the two Dalit toddlers in Haryana being two of the many recent instances. In the current context, merely indirect references and general censures are an affront to our Constitutional morality and the Indian ethos of justice. In fact, such token gestures only serve to embolden the divisive forces to resort to even more violence for some narrow and immediate political gains. Continued silence and inaction or insufficient action on your part in the emerging scenario, especially by those in positions of authority, can only tear asunder the fabric of Indian society weaved together over centuries.

Let us not allow ourselves to be deflected from the path of development and as a unified polity, enunciated by the Prime Minister in his opening speech in the Parliament. As aggrieved citizens, we demand that His Excellency the President of India and The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India immediately, unequivocally and specifically condemn the hate crimes and mob violence that have been perpetrated; designate special investigation teams and courts to bring all the culprits to book (irrespective of who they are) and ensure exemplary punishment that would deter anyone seeking to engage in violence and hate crimes.

It is incumbent on every citizen of India to uphold and further the values of our Constitution and glorious civilization. As the guardians of our nation at this critical juncture in our history, your resolve is a must to prevent the degeneration that is fast seeping into the vitals of our society and help reclaim the core values essential for any civilization. What you do will determine our slide into barbarianism or our reemergence as civilized human beings.


The world is watching and history will judge you by your actions today. 


Dated: 31st October 2015


Organised by:

1.      AIPSO
2.      AISF
3.      All India Sunni Ulema Board, Hyd
4.      Aman Vedika
5.      Andhra Pradesh, Telengana Social Service Forum
6.      APSA
7.      Arya Pratinidhi Sabha
8.      Association for Peoples Civil Rights
9.      AWAAZ
10.  Bandhan
11.  Bazm e Shah e Moosa Quadri
12.  Centre for Information, Training, Research and Action
14.  Christian Front
15.  Clarician Fathers
16.  COVA
17.  Dalit Bahujan Front
18.  Dalit Muslim and Christian Reservation Forum
19.  Dalit Stree Shakti
20.  Darul Arab 
21.  Forum for A Better Hyderabad
22.  Forum of Religious for Justice and Peace
23.  Good Samaritans Home
24.  HRLN
25.  Hum Sab Hindustani Trust
26.  Human Rights Forum
27.  Human Welfare Society
28.  Hyderabad Zindabad
29.  ICAN
30.  INSAF
31.  Interfaith Forum
32.  Interfaith Sufi Ashram
33.  International Sikh Centre for Interfaith Relations
34.  Kasturba Gandhi Peace Centre
35.  Koshish
36.  Minorities Sub-Plan Research Action Committee
37.  Movement for Peace and Justice
38.  MSI
39.  NAPM
40.  Neighbourhood Community Network
41.  PARA
42.  PIN
43.  POW
45.  Sakshi – Human Rights Watch
46.  Samatha Sainik Dal
47.  SC, ST and BC Commission, Telugu Catholic Bishops Council
48.  Seva Niketan, Secunderabad.
49.  Siddhartha Buddha Vihara Trust
50.  Society for Promotion of Tolerance
51.  Society of the Devine World
52.  St. Vincent Nilayam, Venkatapuram, Hyderabad.
53.  St. Theresa’s Convent, Arul colony, Hyderabad
54.  St. Theresa’s High School, Arul Colony, Hyderabad.
55.  Tehreek Khair e Ummath
56.  Telangana Christian Forum
57.  Telugu Praja Front
58.  The March
59.  TVV
60.  United Forum for RTI
61.  United Front for Dalit Christian Rights
62.  World Without Borders
63.  Youth TRAC


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