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Khudai Khidmatgar working for de-radicalisation of Muslim youth

Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan "Frontier Gandhi" and M K Gandhi "Mahatma Gandhi"
Peoples Voice on August 14, 2015 - 6:25 pm in Society

Khudai Khidmatgar, a social organisation active during pre-partitioned India was founded by Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan. Khudai Khidmatgar or servants of God, was started by the Frontier Gandhi initially as an organisation aimed at social reform in North East Frontier Province and later he joined Gandhiji’s non-violent freedom struggle against the British which was revived in 2011 by a group of youth led by Faisal Khan and is continuously working for propagating the real message of love humanity and peace

According to a report in the Sunday Guardian an official had said that the Home Ministry was aware of the work being done by newageislam.com and Khudai Khidmatgar and would try to contact such organisations.

Khudai Khidmatgar Faisal Khan said that “truth is very powerful and we strongly believe that truth always wins” he added that “the acceptance of Home Ministry that Khudai Khidmatgar is working towards de-radicalisation of youth will create confidence among Muslim youth because this will remove fear among youth because they will not be worried if they will are active in social field they are under government radar and their parents will also not stop them from social activism. We have been aware for long that the Home Ministry has kept a close watch on our activities.” He further said that “Islam is the religion of love and humanity and Prophet Mohammad had clearly said that the best person is the one who is kind to all, Islam is the guarantee of peace and protection for humanity.” He said, “we at Khudai Khidmatgar never talk any brand of Islam, we talk real Islam and real Islam is only iman (faith), mohabbat (love) and salamati (protection).”

He said first step is that the government should be strict on all type of hate propaganda and all should be treated equally and it should also assure that there should be no fear among minority community at all and after that we should increase representation of minority especially Muslim community in social issues.

He lamented that the representation of Muslims, mainly youth, is almost nil in the social sector. Many in the sector want to see Muslims only as victims, so they never created leaders from the community. But if you look at our history, we had great Muslim social workers like Frontier Gandhi, Bibi Amtush Salam, he further said in Muslim community social activism is very low due to lack of education and poverty. He seeks to create a platform where Muslims, especially youth, get a chance to work for the society following Frontier Gandhi’s ideals.

He concluded by saying that “we believe that Muslim youth should get more opportunities to volunteer for social work but this should not be done in alienation so we have reserved 40 seats in 100 members national council for Hindu members too. We strongly believe that all social organisation should be run on public money not on government resources.”

When this correspondent contacted the office of the deputy secretary in MHA to know how the ministry was planning to engage Muslims for the de-radicalisation of the youth, an official said that the ministry was aware of the work being done by newageislam.com and Khudai Khitmatgar and would try to contact such organisations.


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