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India’s unfinished agenda, hurdles to peace

Peoples Voice on August 3, 2015 - 5:05 pm in Culture

The first is Pakistan’s mirage of grabbing Kashmir by force. They have fought at least three wars with India and failed. They lost East Pakistan, which is now Bangladesh. They tried and failed in their Kargil misadventure , but the mirage remains in the hearts of many who have been ruling Pakistan and the hearts of a large number of Pakistanis, who have been sold this dream since the days of India’s partition. Both the countries have been bleeding for decades. Millions have been wasted on arms. Thousands of young men on both sides have lost their lives at the altar of Pakistan’s ‘unfinished agenda ‘(of annexing Kashmir by force). The fostering and sponsoring of terrorism in pursuit of their mirage has boomeranged on them causing death and destruction in Pakistan itself . The Frankenstein they have created has started turning against its creator. The Pakistani leaders have so poisoned the mind of their own people that they dare not tell them that the path they have followed is self destructive. They dare not tell the truth that peace with India alone can bring peace and prosperity to both the countries. They fear that if they tell the truth they might be considered ‘traitors ‘by their own people. The result is that Pakistan is not living in peace and is not allowing India to remain in peace either.

The second is the Sangh’s agenda of changing India into a ‘Hindu Rashtra’. In a democratic India there can be no threat to the interest of the Hindus, who constitute 80% of her population. They choose and change the government according to their choice. Then what does the Sangh want ?

Both the Muslim League and the Sangh believe that a nation should belong to only one ‘Nationality’ i.e., a people of one race with one religion, one culture and one language. Both believe that the Hindus and Muslims are two Nationalities.The Muslim League contended that two Nationalities (the Hindus and the Muslims ) could not remain in one ‘Nation’. The Muslim League demanded and got India partitioned on the basis of this Two Nation Theory. The Sangh contends that the people of . India belong to one Nationality -the Hindu. The Muslims are invaders and have no claim on India, therefore, the partition was wrong. They concede that that now the minorities cannot be thrown out , but they must remain subordinated to the Hindus and should not claim equality with them. In view of the Constitution of the country , they cannot spell out their intention and couch it in expression like ‘cultural nationalism ‘i.e. the Muslims and the. Christians should undergo cultural conversion if not religious conversion. This subordination of the Muslims and Christians to the Hindus is the unfinished agenda of the Sangh , which has kept India on the boils since her independence.

Does India qualify as a Nation as claimed by Golwakar in his book We or Our Nationhood Defined? The people of India do not belong to one Race. The dark skinned tribals living in the forests are different from other Indians, and so are the people living in the North East. Are the people living in the southern states are of the same race as the inhabitants of Punjab or Bengal ? Is India a country with only one culture ? Are the people of the North East , the tribals living in the forests and the people living in different states have a common culture ? Golwarker, who is the father of the idea of India being one Nation, contends that the people of India speak a common language. He asserts that all the languages of India have descended from Sanskrit , and thus are one language. He is wrong. The Dravidian languages , the languages of the tribals of Jharkhand, M.P. Odisha etc.and the languages spoken in the North East have different ancestries and are not descendants of Sanskrit. Thus, India is not a nation as defined by Golwarkar on which the edifice of the Sangh’s Hindu Rashtra stands. But the credit for successfully building a castle in the air must go to him .

The Sangh contends that the Muslims and the Christians follow religions, which had their origin in a foreign land, and , therefore, they cannot be loyal to India. Fortunately, no civilised country shares this sick mentality; otherwise, all the Indians living abroad with dignity would have been driven out and sent back to India. Our people are talented and are welcome all over the world because none of the countries where they are welcome are dominated by the people with the mentality and ideology akin to the Sangh’s

The Sangh’s unfinished agenda of making India a Hindu Rashtra is a grave threat to our democracy, prosperity and peace. What terrorism is to Pakistan the Sangh’s Hindu Rashtra is to India-a Frankenstein out to destroy the nation, which created it .

Prof. Prabhakar Sinha
National President, People’s Union for Civil Liberties

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