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“Eid gifts” to children, widows, poor and needy

Peoples Voice on July 14, 2015 - 12:24 pm in Culture

Zakat Foundation of America distributed 200 food packs in Hubli City to the widows, poor, and the needy as part of its Ramadan Food Distribution – 2015 program

The distribution program was conducted at Samudaya Bhavan, Chalukya nagar, Gadag Road Hubli. Each Ramadan food pack weighting 55 ½ Kg worth of Rs 4000 each food pack consist of (25 Rice, 10 Kg of wheat flour, 5 Kg of sugar, 3 Kg of Dal, 5 liters of refined oil, 1 Kg of vermicelli, 1 kg of tea powder, 1 kg of dates, ½ kg of dry fruits and 1 kg of ghee) were distributed to poor and downtrodden people from the localities of Islampur, Anand Nagar, Mantur Road, Gokul Road, Altaf plot, Ganeshpeth, Janatha colony, Old Hubli, Nekar Nagar, Sadashiv Nagar, Dharwad, Kundugol village and other areas.

On this occasion Mrs. Farda Khan , Head  of the volunteers team said that Zakat Foundation of America Ramadan program offers opportunities for 200 needy people who face food insecurity and hunger to be provided with the Ramadan Food Pack which ensure that their burden is eased during the month of Ramadan. Zakat Foundation of America working in North Karnataka since 2009, we are very grateful to the Humble and generous Donors, for providing Ramadan food packs to the needy people. Projects including orphan sponsorship, seasonal Ramadan and Qurbani food distribution, Health camps, charity programs, women Empowerment, AWWA organization is working for women and child development of the society.

Zakat Foundation of America Volunteers distributed ‘EID GIFT’ to the 50 sponsor children the Eid Gift consist of 3 items that is Eid dress, Eid slippers and soft Toys.

Mrs. Farida Khan  explained that “The Eid gits are sponsored by our generous donors Zakat Foundation of America without the joy the children no Eid will complete, to bring the real joy in children our humble donors sponsored Eid gifts to our sponsored children of ZF. Eid Gift includes new clothes, new slippers and BIG SIZE soft toy.

Mrs. Farida Khan
Z F A Volunteer, President AWWA NGO 


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