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People to Rally against Land Ordinance

Peoples Voice on May 3, 2015 - 1:43 pm in Reforms

A collective of people’s movements and organizations had organized a mass rally on 24th February at Parliament Street against the Land Acquisition Ordinance of NDA government have emerged as the national platform in the name of “Bhumi Adhikar Andolan” working all over country to advance the struggle of the farmers, workers and  larger public against this draconian Land Acquisition Ordinance 2015.

Bhumi Adhikar Andolan demands withdrawal this anti-farmer and anti-people ordinance and demands a change in our government policy of loot of land and natural resources through unconstitutional ways.  Bhumi Adhikar Adnolan demands recognition of rights of people over natural resources and, if not addressed, vowes to intensify campaign for land rights of farmers, landless groups and adivasi all over our country. The campaign also demands recognition of rights of workers in our country, when the NDA Government promoted ‘Make In India campaign’ attempts to promote cheap labour without respecting the dignity and value of labour.

Thousands of representatives from various farmer organizations, trade unions, women organizations, youth organizations, including urban poor, fish workers and tribals shall be a part of the rally to be held on 5th of May, 10 am at Sansad Marg, Delhi. The Modi Sarkar, which is favoring the interests of the corporates at the cost of livelihood of thousands and impacting our nations most marginalized section severely, is leaving no stone unturned to bring this land ordinance. Land acquisition is being carried out at full speed in various parts of our country and in many places the disagreement expressed by people is being brutally suppressed. The tax exemptions offered to corporates in the 2015-16 budget, the land ordinance and a series of amendments which are expected in other crucial acts like those relating to forests and coasts are bound to strike the lives and livelihoods of lakhs of people in this country and leave them with no choice but to become migrants laborers and lead a life of extreme poverty, vulnerability and uncertainty.   The most glaring example is the firing and lathi charge that took place in Kanhar dam protest against illegal land acquisition on 14th and 18th April in District Sonbhadra, UP.

In a press conference held on 2nd of May at IWPC, Delhi the activists associated with the movement for land rights appealed to all the pro-people, progressive and secular forces to join hands for “Bhumi Adhikar Sangharsh Rally” on 5th May at Parliament street to protest against the anti-people move of the NDA Government of bringing ordinances on the sensitive issue of land without any consultation or regard to farmers-workers, agriculture and nature of this country.


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