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Mysore based Sevashrama fast tracks Swachha Bharat Abhayan

Peoples Voice on April 23, 2015 - 12:30 pm in Environment

Cleaning the country is essential for the health & well being of the people & the country.

Prime minister Narandra Modiji has given a call to the nation to organise Swachha Bharat Abhayan throughout the country. Building toilets is only a part of the abhayan. We have to clean the surroundings of our neighbourhood. We have to teach the student community to clean the surroundings of their school & class rooms, their houses and the villages they live in.  In most of the schools toilets are there but they are dirty. Midday meals programme has helped the children and water supply has been provided for most schools. Water is available and some teacher has to take up the job of cleansing and keeping the school clean. Students & staff must combine together and make cleanliness as part of the school curriculum. Clean schools should be awarded prizes. Headmaster must also receive a citation an entry made in his service records. It is as important as studies and the results in examinations.

Sri Vivekananda Sevashrama has taken up a project to start Swachha Bharat Abhayan Andolan in government schools around Mysore. National Youth day, birthday of swami Vivekananda, is observed throughout the country and functions are held to celebrate the occasion in all schools. We have planned to inaugurate the Swacha Bharat Abhayan project at Baburayana Koppalu Government schools near Srirangapattana, Bangalore Mysore highway on that sacred day. Our volunteers will join the students and staff of the school in cleaning the classes and premises. We have planned to plant five coconut saplings and ten silver wood or Teak saplings in the school premises. We also want them to start a kitchen garden that will help the school with vegetables in their midday meals programme. The headmaster has promised to look after the saplings and water it regularly.

This project will continue and hope to cover at least 100 schools. We need brooms, plastic buckets, mugs, and of course saplings, Etc. for the Swacha Abhayan & tree planting Project. We have to give snacks to the children after their cleaning campaign. This will cost us Rs. 5,000 per school.

We request you and your friend’s participation in our drive for cleanliness. Please help us to mobilise funds and the required materials. Please help us to initiate cleanliness drive to educate children to keep the country clean

Participate in this national cleanliness drive. Help us to keep the country clean. Cleanliness is essential for the health and welfare of the nation.

Venkatesha Murthy D.
Managing Trustee, Sri Vivekananda Sevashrama



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  • April 23, 2015

    Head & heart must be pure & clean before you think of external cleanliness. If you are pure within you naturally seek purity without. What do we mean by internal purity? It is character, it is noble heart which perceives purity everywhere. To keep our surroundings clean may be easy but to keep our mind clean is extremely difficult. Let us start from without which is perceivable to inner purity which is difficult to perceive. Let us make a start from external to internal cleanliness. What we have lost is character in independent India. We have to regain it at the earliest to make sane living. Happiness is directly connected with character and a characterless brute can never be happy himself nor can he make others happy, he makes everybody’s life miserable. So let us start with external cleanliness and move on to clean inside.

    vivekeyecare1 .