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Lions Clubs Ready To Help in National Health Care

Peoples Voice on January 29, 2015 - 4:34 pm in Health

A leading English Daily had recently reported that over 88% Nurses in the Hospitals are suffering from Lower back pain. Is it not shocking? They have best of medical facilities available for asking. They don’t have to ask for leave to get themselves treated, no money to be paid for treatment. They said that it is a work related health hazard. They have to bear with it to keep themselves for earning their livelihood.

Yes they know it fully well, pain killers will ultimately kill them.

I was also hospitalized for few days. Having seen the report, i asked some of the nurses attending on me if I could treat and teach them CAM, a self healing technique for pain and weakness management. I demonstrated it on a Nurse who was willing to try it out. I opened a can of worms. When she reported to her friends that without medicines by simple treatment she was feeling much better, I was having a constant line of visitors who wanted to be treated.

I taught them and gave them my site details, they were full of blessings for me. My hospital stay was boon to many and memorable to me.

If the Modi Government is sincere in doing some thing for people, the Lions Clubs International will be too glad to help the country starting Preventive Health Care Centres and training general public in Self Healing Techniques.
Let me very clear, our humble efforts to reach The Modi Government, so far have not been successful through My Govt., Tweets, Face Book or contacting the Union Health Minister.

We shall be grateful to one who can reach this message to Modiji.

We have been teaching it the Indian Armed Forces, Maharashtra Police, Public, N C C and N S S for the last 15 years. They have appreciated it a lot. Face book is full of photos of our training to these. You Tube has over 150 videos for treatment of various health problems by Lions.

Lions are looking forward to serve the community.
Of course, it will not be a happy news for many in the health department, who are interested in making money out of purchase of medicines and disposing it out, leaving a little for patients, including the top ranking politicians who are interested in money making without caring for the miserable times the patients are going through for want of medicines in hospitals.

Girdhari Luthria
Lions Clubs International, District 323 A3 


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