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Bengaluru’s commuters demand ‘Bus Bhagya’!

Peoples Voice on January 20, 2015 - 1:27 pm in Rights

While bus fares have been sky-rocketing and diesel rates dropping, the government is happy to just do an eye-wash by reducing bus fares by just 1 rupee!

The time has come to demand a people friendly bus fare from the government! The time has arrived to think about ‘Bus Bhagya’, after ‘Anna Bhagya’ and ‘Ksheera Bhagya’!

Food and milk are essential for a healthy life. Likewise, in order to fulfill other basic necessities like job, education and accessing health care, affordable public transport is also essential. In Bangalore City, any family requires minimum Rs.20,000 monthly earnings to lead a decent and respectable life. But, sadly we have lakhs of people who earn 4,000- 5000 rupees a month still… an amount lesser than minimum wages! While the situation is like this, is it fair to ask the people to shell out Rs.1000/- for monthly bus pass alone??!!!

The bus fares of other cities in the states are as below:

City Monthly Bus pass (Maximum) Fare for a distance of 10kms (Stage 5)
  City limits Outside city limits  
Bengaluru 825 1050 19
Chennai 510 510 6
Mumbai 260-880 925 15
New Delhi 800 800 10
Chandigarh 500 500


How has it been possible for other states to provide lesser bus ticket fares?

State Measures to check bus ticket fares
Tamil Nadu The State Government has shouldered the responsibility of providing salaries to its State Transport Corporation Employees.
Andhra Pradesh The Andhra Pradesh State Government returns the Motor Vehicle Tax and other Taxes paid by the Transport Corporations.
Mumbai The Bruhat Mumbai Mahanagara Palike is providing Rs. 150 crore grant to the Transport Corporation in order to provide affordable public bus transport to its people.
Kerala After reduction of diesel prices in the year 2014, the Kerala State Government is providing free bus passes to 1,30,000 students!

Friends, we are demanding bus fares to be as below:

  • 5/- within 10 kms! Rs. 10/- within 11-20 kms! Rs. 15/- for 20 kms and beyond!
  • 25/- for daily pass and Rs. 250/- for monthly pass!
  • Free bus passes for workers who have income lesser than minimum wages, Rs. 50/-     monthly pass for senior citizens, Rs. 250/- for annual pass for persons with disabilities
  • 50 paise per km!

Friends, while it is possible for other states, is it not possible for our government also to do so? If the State Government provides financial support to BMTC, this is definitely possible!

Apart from exorbitant bus ticket fares we also have other problems too – Thousands of bus stops without shelters, overcrowded buses, we need a solution to these problems to have peaceful travel. Additionally, BMTC workers are also not being treated well – their PF, LIC dues are not cleared, their salary arrears are not being paid, women staff don’t have enough rest rooms and places for rest at depots. The state government needs to provide financial support to all the above problems.

Hence, we demand CM Siddaramaiah to provide us ‘Bus Bhagya’ in the 2015-16 budget!

Our demands!

  • 1000 crore grant for BMTC, to reduce ticket fares, purchase new buses (other than Volvo, only ordinary buses!) and to meet pending salary/PF/ESI/insurance expenses of BMTC workers.
  • 300 crore grant to BBMP to build bus stops

There are several ways to mobilize this amount:-

This government has provided Rs.10,000 crore subsidy for Bengaluru Metro. While BMTC caters to four times more people than the Metro! Hence, the government should provide minimum Rs.1000 crore subsidy to BMTC. In fact, if the government returns the money paid by BMTC in the form of various taxes, it is possible to reduce bus ticket fares. Along with this, the government can also consider undertaking measures like other states, as mentioned above, to fix the bus ticket fares.

If at all the government is concerned about common people, workers and poor, it should seriously look into this matter and take immediate measures to provide ‘Bus Bhagya’ scheme and reduce bus ticket fares!

Come join us in our demand for ‘Bus Bhagya’!

Bengaluru Bus Prayaanikara Vedike