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What is our Nationality: Indian or Hindu?

February 21, 2017 - 9:07 am in Faiths, Governance

Debate around the words Hindu, Hinduism, Hindutva is not new. Recently the assertion by Mohan Bhagwat, the Sarsanghchalk (Supreme Dictator) of RSS that ‘everyone living in India is Hindu’ and that Muslims might be Muslim by religion but they are Hindus…

Will Uniform Civil Code increase national integration?

October 27, 2016 - 11:08 am in Faiths

The current atmosphere (October 2016) is charged with the intense and passionate debates around Uniform Civil Code (UCC). There are a couple of petitions…

Acche din for hate mongers

May 29, 2016 - 10:01 pm in Politics

It was unfortunate to hear the legal brain of the government Mr Arun Jaitley expressing helplessness on the issue of online trolling of people on the…

Declassify to demystify: Subhash Chandra Bose

January 26, 2016 - 7:20 pm in Politics

It is not surprising that political parties are vying to magnify the mystery that has been continuously allowed around Subhash Chandra Bose, who definitely enjoys an iconic status in the minds of Indians apart from Ambedkar, Bhagat Singh and to some extent…

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